Tiggy Sr and Mia, cats for adoption (Megaa Velayuthan’s)

Here’s two more of Megaa’s fostered cats for adoption:

Name: Tiggy Sr and Mia
Age: 7 months
Adoption fee: None
Both kitties are neutered, fully vaccinated, flea free and very healthy. Both are litter box trained and very well behaved kitties.
Mia is a DLH and Tiggy Sr is DMH (I think their dad must be a Persian cat)
Tiggy Sr and Mia are from the same mother. Their siblings have adopted. They are with me since they were 2 weeks old. They are to be adopted as a pair as Mia is very timid and she’s always with Tiggy Sr for comfort. They are always seen together. They are very quiet but very playful. It will be sad to separate them as I’m afraid Mia won’t be able to adopt to her new surrounding without Tiggy Sr 🙁 Mia has been neutered recently and currently recuperating.
Interested adopters can call me at 017 347 6927 or email me atmegaa_velayuthan@yahoo.com

Tiggy Sr







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  1. Megaa

    Thank you for posting their profile Dr. Chan 🙂