Meiji at Casa Doggie Store

Today has been an extremely long day for me, and it’s only now that I get to sit down and check my emails.  Plenty to respond to, but first, here’s the highlight for the day.

Meiji came down this morning to collect the dogfood donation graciously initiated by Tan Chooi Chooi, managing director of Casa Doggie Store.

First, I took Meiji for breakfast at my favourite veggie restaurant, got her some provisions, and then, it’s off to Casa for the dogfood collection.

The traffic was bad….(as usual). I wonder why Malaysian highways are even called “highways” if traffic crawls on these “highways”.

After what seemed “forever”, we reached Kota Damansara.

Here we are…

28 packs of food, raised through the efforts of Chooi Chooi, mostly donated by her customers.

The brands are NutriSource and Proformance, and one pack of ProPlan donated by Derrick, Chooi Chooi’s husband.

Chooi Chooi also donated these bottles of Salmon Oil and many bottles of shampoo for Meiji’s dogs.

The two ladies meet for the first time.

And I’m the photographer for the day.

Here we go….Woman Power!!

We’re loading the 28 packs into Meiji’s jeep now.

Excuse me while I go help with the carrying and loading…..

No photos for now.

We’re almost done now.

It just about fits the entire back of the jeep.

Meiji has to go off already because the traffic police came by to issue summonses for the double-parkers. It’s just so hard to get parking in this busy area.

Bye, Meiji!

Have a safe trip back to Raub.

Chooi Chooi is extending her dogfood donation for Meiji until Chinese New Year.  So, let’s spread the word far and wide and support her noble efforts.

Chooi Chooi also discussed the possibility of organising a sponsor-a-d0g campaign so that individuals like us could sponsor a pack of food a month for a dog on Meiji’s farm.  I think that’s a splendid idea.

Please support Casa’s efforts in helping Meiji and her dogs.

Casa Doggie Store is located at 72G, Jln PJU 5/21, Kota Damansara.  Tel: 03-61424099.

Casa is a petstore with a difference – they do not sell pets but instead encourage the adoption of street animals. They only sell food and accessories and offer grooming services. And of course, they are also selling our tshirts for us!






2 responses to “Meiji at Casa Doggie Store”

  1. johnny chong (melaka)


    Well done …!
    Wow …Woman Power !

    Can we have some write-up on Meiji dog sanctuary ?

    johnny melaka

    1. chankahyein

      Hello Johnny,

      Please type in “Meiji” in the Search column and you will find numerous articles on Meiji written over the last 2 1/2 years.
      Here’s one :