Sunshine Courage’s 4th acupuncture

By the time I was done over at Casa, I arrived too late to witness Sunshine’s 4th acupuncture treatment.

But Sunshine was happy to receive visitors, nonetheless!

This is Sunshine’s new bed. The “roof” is necessary to prevent her from sitting up as my friend doesn’t want any further damage to Sunshine’s broken spinal column. Sunshine has been sitting up a lot and this puts pressure on the broken vertebrae.

Hi Sunshine!!

She is such a happy little dog.

While I was there, Sunshine poo-ed (assisted by stimulation).

That’s my friend’s other dog who was also paralysed when rescued many years ago. Her case was much worse than Sunshine’s, but she walked after months of physiotherapy, committed nursing and tender loving care.

Sunshine loves company. She’s still a very young dog.

Dr Susanna (the acupuncturist) is very happy with Sunshine’s state of health as of today. Her pulse is very strong and her tongue is very healthy too.

Today’s expenses are the following:

Acupuncture housecall  RM30
Methycobal (Vit B12)  RM20

We thank Dr Susanna for the free treatment (we only have to pay for her transport for the housecall) and of course, my friend for looking after Sunshine with so much love and care.

One day at time…

Please keep your prayers coming for Sunshine to walk again.

Here’s some photos just sent by my friend:

That’s Sunshine’s charming little smile while she sits up after her acupuncture session as though saying, “Lookie here…I can sit by myself!”

“But NO-NO, Sunshine, you cannot sit up yet”, my friend says.

Safely confined for her own good.

Here’s the obedient little girl resting comfortably, and not making any fuss.

Sunshine really lives up to her name…she’s such a joy!








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  1. Yen Ling

    Yay!! Go, Sunshine, go! Keep up the good spirit. To Sunshine caretaker – you are an angel. Keep up the good work. 🙂