Updates from Soi Dog

Here’s from the Soi Dog Newsletter:

The recent floods in Bangkok, have prompted a massive rescue operation by numerous rescue groups, all with one aim in mind – to save the lives of many animals stranded by the fast rising flood waters. Soi Dog is playing an integral part in organising medical aid, food & shelter for many of these abandoned & stranded animals. Flood affected residents were ordered by the Government to move out of their homes, many left their animals behind. Our role has been to supply small independent rescue groups with much needed food & medical supplies to treat these animals. Rescue boats stroll the the flooded streets regularly with donated food to give to local people feeding these dogs. Animals with injuries or those unable to get food have been rescued & taken to temporary shelters. There is still many flooded areas of Bangkok & our efforts continue to save lives. We could not continiue this without your support. We have received donations from all over the world & we thank you all We cold not continue to save these animals without you. Photo shows Soi Dog’s rescue effort at “Dog Island” where 250 dogs were stranded on a bridge surrounded by 2 metres of water. The dog in the photo “nicknamed Maxine” swam out to our rescue boat & was determiined to hop on board. She is now recovering from her ordeal in a temporary shelter. She’s safe & well, thanks to all of you! You can watch a video of Soi Dog’s Flood Rescue Operation at “Dog Island” here:

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