Perky and her bunny-friends

Mei Leng shared these photos. It shows loyal little Perky (adopted from us more than 2 years ago), good friend and guardian to her bunny-friends.



Watching the bunnies…

It is truly a joy to see Perky now, so fit, strong and healthy, a far cry from the time we rescued her from the pound and the near-death experience she faced twice – once after being spayed (she started bleeding after the vet left) and again, after transporting her back from Bentong to Subang when she was ill.

Thank you, Mei Leng, for giving Perky such a good life.






One response to “Perky and her bunny-friends”

  1. A-follower

    Wow, look at Perky. She has grown to become such a lovely and beautiful dog. She looks very healthy.

    Kudos to you Mei Ling for taking care of Perky so well.