S.O.S – A family of puppies and mum abandoned next to shelter

UPDATES at 10.46pm – We managed to get the shelter staff to take in the puppies and the two dogs. Many thanks to Koo for responding to our appeal for help. Kudos to Nandhini and Surin for saving this family. 

UPDATES at 11.15pm – The two adult dogs and 8 puppies are now safe in the shelter. Nandhini managed to coax the other adult-dog (who wasn’t very friendly) as well. The mum-dog is actually very small sized and Nandhini said she (the mum-dog) has very bad mange and her sores are bleeding. I have informed the shelter staff and they will see to the necessary treatment of all the dogs and puppies. Should, by any chance, any of the dogs are subject to the shelter’s euthanasia policy, I have offered to sponsor their medical treatment with our funds. Will follow-up first thing tomorrow.   

It is now 10.24pm.  Nandhini just called saying she was passing by PAWS and a whole family of 8 puppies and their mum along with another dog have been abandoned next to the shelter.

I have called Koo for help and he is now on his way there with a cage and towels. Since none of us can take in the family, we figured this would be better than leaving them out in the cold and in danger of being right infront of that (killer) highway.

I’m on my way there now with another cage and dogfood.

If any of you can foster the puppies,their mum and the other dog tonight, please head out to PAWS, but please email me at chankahyein@gmail.com so that I can let the manager know tomorrow.

Photos from Surin, who is with Nandhini now:



As you can see from the photos, the puppies and two dogs were left close to the road. How many times have you seen carcasses of dogs and cats on this road? I have seen, only too often. Apparently, people leave (or abandon) dogs and cats near the shelter, hoping the shelter staff would spot them and take them in.

Once, the manager told me a whole family of puppies were abandoned next to the shelter over a long holiday weekend and by the time they were found, they were all dead.

Sometimes, people bring their neighbourhood cats to surrender at the shelter but they do so without a box or carrier. The cats, being terrified and stressed by the car-ride and also the new place, would run off from the car to the highway. They never make it past halfway. Hence, the many carcasses on that road.

This family of dogs and puppies above would have suffered the same fate had Nandhini and Surin not spotted them and done the needful.

We urged people who wish to surrender animals to the shelter to please do it all the way, ie. surrender them INSIDE the shelter and pay the surrender fee, to ensure that they are safe after you leave them off your hands. Please also be advised that some shelters have a euthanasia policy, so kindly check with the shelter staff before your surrender your animals.