The verdict is in – Canine Caviar wins hands down!

If you have been following this blog, you’d know I was at my wits’ end trying to make Bobby eat many months ago. Bobby had decided he’d had enough of his previous kibble (which he had obediently consumed for more than a decade) and he only wanted stir-fried chicken breast meat (he wouldn’t touch vegetables). Even with that, which I know is not balanced, he had grown very thin.

I tried various brands of kibble, but Bobby simply refused to eat any of them, preferring to starve, even for days.

So, I could only feed him stir-fried chicken.

And he continued being thin and was actually losing weight.

The vet said to just leave the kibble. “He’d eat if he was hungry enough”. But no, Bobby was so stubborn, he could go without food for days.

Finally, my friend, Chooi Chooi of Casa Doggie Store, recommended that I tried Canine Caviar, so I did.

I crossed my fingers and hoped (and prayed!) Bobby would eat it.

Well, he refused to eat it “neat”, so I had to improvise…

Bobby’s Canine Caviar Cocktail.

Of course, Cow would still have to test the food first, only then would Bobby eat. This has been the procedure ever since Bobby started to lose his sight due to cataracts. By the way, Bobby is 15 years old.

After just THREE days of eating Canine Caviar, Bobby actually visibly put on weight!  I almost could not believe my eyes. He also appeared to be in better overall health and was more perky than before. This was really a “miracle”, especially after having been so thin in the past few months. At one point, he was so skinny, you could see his backbone protruding.

So, all was well, Bobby would have his stir-fried chicken in the mornings, and Canine Caviar Cocktail for dinner.

But well-meaning friends shared their own success stories with me, on nursing elderly dogs, and they recommended other kibble diets.

I wanted the best for Bobby, so I thought I should try other brands and see what works best for him.

I tried….

As good as those brands are (all grain-free and contains quality meat), they just were not suitable for Bobby. He developed soft stools and even diarrhoea.

Finally, after trying out several brands, I had to go back to Canine Caviar.

Even by going on Canine Caviar for just ONE day, Bobby’s diarrhoea would stop.

And if Bobby was hungry enough, he would even eat Canine Caviar “neat”.

Take a look at this historical achievement…!!

 Here Bobby, try this…it’s nice and yummy…

Nope, not without his good friend and trusted connoiseur, Cow.

 Cow simply MUST test it first. It’s Bobby’s standard procedure.

 Yes, Bobby’s eating it neat!

 Finish it, Bobby….yay!

 Wee bit more…

 There….only one tiny kibble left.


And as the cliche goes, the proof is in the pudding!

 Yes, THIS pudding!

In deciding which dogfood is best, I’ve been told that it isn’t about the content, the price or the brand, it is all about which food suits your dog best and one of the best gauge is actually to check the dog’s overall health, its coat and its stools.

For Bobby, Canine Caviar wins hands down!

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2 responses to “The verdict is in – Canine Caviar wins hands down!”

  1. Chen

    Maybe Cow is not “testing” the food. From Bobby’s view, the cats are his friends that he has to take care and protect (which he has been doing since they were kittens). Maybe Bobby would not eat because he needs to know that the cats are also eating. And Cow who knows that Bobby is worried about the cats, would nibble at Bobby’s food to show that “Hey, we are fine, and you are still taking care of us.” When Bobby detects Cow eating his food, he feels better, i.e. “I’m feeding my cat-friends” and so would eat his food. Makes sense?

    1. chankahyein

      Yes! So many ways to look at it…but we’ll never really know, would we? Thanks for the alternative viewpoint!