Bunny is missing….(and found!!)

It is now 2.41pm. Bunny is missing from home.

This morning, Bunny did not come into the kitchen as usual for breakfast. He sat in the living room coffee table. That is not normal, so I thought he wasn’t feeling well.

I brought his chicken out for him to the coffee table and he ate it all up.

Later, he came into the kitchen and asked for more food.

He did feel slightly warmer than usual. I had wanted to take him to the vet’s, but since he ate, I thought he was alright.

I gave him Vetri DMG too.

Then, we went out and came back at around 1.30pm.

All my five cats came back except Bunny. That isn’t normal. Bunny would always either be in the house, or he would come back asking for food.

For the last 1 hour, I have gone up and down the road looking for Bunny. I have searched the back alley as well. None of my neighbours has seen him.

I know it may be a little too early to raise the alert, but I might as well do it.

If you’re reading this, please pray that Bunny is safe and will come home soon.



No sooner had I click “Publish” than I looked up and out of my window and saw the familiar stumpy tail…

That simply cannot be any other cat…

I rushed out to Mac’s place and quickly parted the clothes…

YAY!!!  It’s Bunny!!

BUNNY!!  WHERE have you been???

Of course it’s like not he’s going to answer me, right?

Never mind…come in, come in for some food, Bunny.

Fussie Cat?

Yes…Fussie Cat.

Bunny came in from the back alley, so he must have gone somewhere there to sleep, I guess.

Naughty little fellow…gave me a near heart-attack!

I think I need the rest of the day to recover now…






3 responses to “Bunny is missing….(and found!!)”

  1. Alicia

    Looks like we had the same experience today. I let Snowy (rabbit) out when I’m home. She has free rein of house and garden.

    She was in the living hall with my dad when I went to get an apple. But she wasn’t there when I came out (she LOVES apple, can go crazy if left in an apple orchard). Dad said she went out. So I went to check but couldn’t see her.

    Searched everywhere for her. Under and behind the furniture, under the car, between flower pots and bushes. My heart really sank. Dad even helped me look for her. We went outside the gate and even in the drain. She hasn’t gone past the gate so I was thinking to myself this must be that first.

    Then Dad heard some rustling sound. There she was, sitting IN the flower pot munching on leaves. I swear we looked around the garden, 4 eyes looking for something big and white and didn’t see anything.

    After that I brought her in to enjoy her apple (rewarding her for giving me a heart attack!).

  2. karmen

    great news!

    ahem.. Dr. Chan, I thought he was supposed to be on diet? 😉

  3. Chen

    Maybe’s he is upset with all the dieting 😀 heheh