Jilly the cat, a possible hit-and-run case (Emi Efee’s)

I received this from Emi Efee two days ago:

Hello there.

I just want to ask. Can you really help to raise funds for a medical
This is for a cat named Jilly.

He was probably hit by a car. We found him at 12.30am this morning. He
was bleading fron its mouth,nose and eyes. We took him to the vet in
KL. Since it was at night,the charge for check up itself is doubled.
The total cost that we have to pay now is roughly RM700. The doctor
said Jilly need to go for surgery to fix his jaw. I don’t know what to
do. I don’t have enough money to support him. Even for the RM700 we
had to pay the full charge.My friend had to use his dad’s credit card.
That’s enough trouble for both of us. Can you help me out? What should
I do?



I replied in the affirmative that we would subsidise Jilly’s medical expenses subject to our policies, provided Jilly is a stray.

Efee then sent these photos:



And more updates with photos this morning:

Good Morning Dr. Chan,

Sorry I didn’t send you an update yesterday. I was going around my
area for vet clinics after I’ve visited Jilly. I haven’t been sleeping
very well either. I was really worried if Jilly could last through the

Well,my friend,my siblings and I went to the hospital. They said that
they will x-ray Jilly today since they need to wait for him to
stabilize. Jilly wasn’t eating and they had to force feed him. The
drip was still there.I’ve attched several photos of Jilly. He seemed
uncomfortable. He was moving his body bit by bit and looked kind of
pale. His face was swollen.I was kind of sad that they didn’t try to
clean out the dried blood.

They told me about his lab results. I was told that his results was
fine. His blood are okay. It didn’t affect his kindey and liver. So I
have to wait for the x-ray result to know if there’s other fracture in
his body. I wanted to bring Jilly back to Subang Jaya today and take
him to a clinic nearer to us. At first I was told that I could only
take him home around 1pm,after asking nicely,they agreed to put Jilly
on the first x-ray for the day.

The whole bill for yesterday was RMM446. The good news is, my mother
agreed to help out with the bills as much as she could. She’s not
really a cat person since she’s asthmatic. So it was really nice to
hear that. Well that’s all I have for now.











I’ve informed Efee that being a public holiday today, some vets are probably closed, but since Efee has indicated she would like to transfer Jilly to a vet in Subang Jaya, I can help her get an appointment at our vet as they open half a day today. However, if Jilly is in a serious condition requiring monitoring, it may be better to leave Jilly at this vet in KL as they are open 24 hours. It would be entirely Efee’s choice, of course.

I’m still waiting for Efee’s reply if Jilly is a stray cat.







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  1. wee

    I hope Jilly will get well soon. My prayers is with u, Jilly. Love.