The Cow-Bunny saga continues…

Now I vaguely remember why I never used to like public holidays when my children were young. Somehow, they would fall sick during these holidays and we’d be at our wits’ end looking for 24-hour clinics or rushing them to the emergency ward as their paediatrician would be on leave.

So I used to dread public holidays way back then.

The children are grown now, but looks like the cats have picked up this trend…

I think Cow & Bunny need a trip to the vet’s, so I’m really hoping their regular vet is open today.


Cow went to sleep on the favourite chair. That means he is not feeling well too.

Bobby’s looking for Cow.

Okay, Cow…we know you’re not feeling well.

Ahh…found him.

Bunny is asleep on Jia-Wen’s bed.

Indy and Cleo are not “in the picture” of this big fight.

They both share the shrine room upstairs.

That basket is Indy’s new favourite place now. He’s always there.

Pole is not in the house. She just came back to eat this morning and decided it’s probably safer at the neighbour’s for now.

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind…
And as long as you don’t touch my baskets and boxes, I’m at peace with the world.

Thank goodness I managed to contact the clinic. It’s open today, but only for half a day.

Wish me luck in carting the ferocious twosome to the clinic later….

By the way, Ming-Yi too has fever so it looks like the public holiday jinx is still with us.