The first close encounter of the Cow-Bunny kind

Just now, we noticed that Cow’s right arm is swollen at the elbow. Perhaps he too got injured in last night’s fight.

Soon, Tiger came to ask for his post-breakfast treat of Fussie Cat….

And Cow too came mewing for some…

As soon as Bunny heard the opening of the can, he also came…so we had the first close encounter of Cow-Bunny after the fight and we held our breath…

The peaceful one, peacefully eating.

The warring ones…at a respectable distance.

Cow soon finished his food. He must be really hungry.

A little closer…

Bobby had finished his stir-fried chicken in the first round, but there is a bit of gravy left.

Cow goes for it…

Obviously, it isn’t enough.

And Cow is still hungry.

Cow approaches Bunny…

We held our breath. I got the water-spray ready…just in case.

No signs of possible violence, as far as I could tell (but I may be wrong).

May I have some…please?

Bunny moves away to let Cow eat.

Smart move, Bunny.
(You can have some more later, don’t worry.)


My role model is Gandhi.
I’m the smart one.

I don’t fight with anyone…
(As long as they don’t touch my baskets and cardboard boxes.)