Updates on Sugar (Eling Chan’s)

Updates from Eling:

Hi Dr. Chan, I would like to update you on Sugar’s progress.  She was discharged on the 5thDec and with me for the past week.  She is well behaved and likes staring at me but one thing she is so quiet make me feel weird on her. Is it normal?  She is good in appetite. She has a feeling of shy when her times for poo and pee and she doesn’t like me to look at her during her “business time”.  Funny…  Because I’m staying in an apartment and by myself she will poo and pee in the balcony. I don’t really trained her well as I’m with her only 3 days and away for worked. Thanks to my sister and willing to come back to my house and feed her. Removing of stiches will be on the 13thDec and I’ll update you more on Sugar’s progress again.

Have a look of Sugar’s photos.

Thank you

Eling Chan