2 male cats trapped, only 1 neutered (Cathy Thong’s)

Cathy Thong texted me yesterday, asking if we could sponsor the neutering of a few new cats on our block (we stay on the same street).

Of course we can sponsor, so Cathy set out her trap (she has purchased one of her own) and waited patiently.

Two cats were trapped!

They were brought to our vet this morning (after Indy’s appointment).

Cathy writes:

One turned out to be a castrated male so we’ve released him after lots of apologies (the one sitting on the shredded newspapers).  The other one is an intact male and will be castrated today (I’ll pick him up this evening) and released tomorrow.  Remember I mentioned about him limping?  Well, the toe pads on his left hind paw are missing, possibly from getting it caught somewhere or in the hands of some demented human. The vet says it’s not serious enough to warrant any intervention at this point.  Ideally, it would be best to get him adopted and cared for as an indoor only cat (he is in good health with a sweet personality).  Life on the streets will be very tough for him as he is essentially a 3 legged cat so I am hopeful someone is able to respond to my request to give him a home.




The neutering of the one (eligible) male is sponsored from our funds.

If you would like to give the other one (without the toe pads) a home, please email Cathy at cathy_looppy@yahoo.com.