3-legged kitten, Ginger, is adopted! (Aniza Abdullah’s)

Happy news from Aniza:

Sorry for not updating all of you regarding Ginger. I just came back from sending her to adopter’s house in section 27 shah alam. Ginger was with me for 4 days and she is active as any normal kittens behave. In fact too active until the bandage is difficult to secure :-). Wound is getting better and her appetite is marvellous.
After contacting with adopter through emails, finally we met this morning. Ginger and I were welcomed by the adopter,Zulianas and her parents and little sister. They are very nice and love cats very much. She bought a huge cage for Ginger together with other basic things. I did dressing at her house this morning so that she could learn and continue doing it later.
Thank you for the help so far. As for the medical fund offered to me earlier, im more than happy to apply for it. I will post the receipt and myanimalcare medical subsidy form very soon.
These are the photos of Ginger at my house, with the adopter.
And to Dr Chan, sorry to read about Cow, Bunny and Indy. Hope for speedy recovery for them.
Thank you




Have a great life, Ginger!

Thank you, Aniza, Zulianas and family!