7 female and 1 male dogs spayed-neutered (Kim Fho’s)

Ho YF wrote to me requesting help to spay-neuter 8 dogs looked-after by her friend, Kim Fho. We have subsidised RM940 based on our rates of RM120 per female dog and RM100 per male dog.

YF’s write-up:

Kim is a single lady taking care of 30+ rescued dogs. She has taken in a paralysed dog (dumped by the owner) despite already having so many rescued street dogs. I have seen her move from one place to another with her dogs (more than 7 times in just these 2 years) whenever the authorities come after her. I salute her because she never gave up. She is willing to forgo her comfort for the dogs. She has just moved to a small shed in the outskirts of KL and we are trying to help her establish the shelter. We’ve just got water pumping from the ground for washing purposes. She is currently not working and we hope she can earn some money through boarding and maybe as a partime cleaner of houses or offices.

Pls find attached the pix of the puppies which Kim spayed/neutered recently. They are from 2 female stray mothers which gave birth at the shelter. A total of 7 females and 1 male were spayed and neutered respectively. Sorry, I couldn’t get good photos of the pups because they kept running away from me as I was a stranger. Sorry too that my date was set wrongly. My niece had adjusted my camera but the year is wrong and I don’t know how to set it right again. And she has gone back to Sarawak. The pups are about 7 months now. We are trying hard to find homes for them. They are all black.

I will post the receipt to you by tomorrow. Thank you once again for helping us rescuers help the strays.

















The only reason we are able to help so many animals is because of your support with your donations and by buying our tshirts, and also by giving us moral support and helping us constructively and positively in all ways.

So, we would really like to thank all of you for helping us help the animals!

Thank you, everyone.

P.S. We have also offered to help Kim out with dogfood from our Food Fund, if she needs any help, that is.







3 responses to “7 female and 1 male dogs spayed-neutered (Kim Fho’s)”

  1. Kttan

    Hi Kah Yein,
    Just wondering whether it is possible to pass some dog food (cans and kibbles), dog shampoo, ear cleaner, dog bowls, etc to Kim via Ho ? Since Ho is helping Kim to set up her latest shelter after being chased from one place to another by the authorities, thought they might need the above. Maybe u can pass my email address to Ho ?

    1. chankahyein

      Hi KT, Will do that. Thank you very much.

  2. Prav

    With regards to Kim’s plight and other cases of strays with nowhere to go, what about buying a piece of land and building up a shelter with the capacity to host hundreds of animals? I’m sure a permanent home can be created for the poor animals, without having to worry about rental/ eviction etc.

    I’m keen to further explore this idea, but I’m not sure if there are any regulations regarding the matter, i.e. agri land only to be used for agri purposes etc.

    I’d appreciate any comments/ feedback. Thanks.