A message from Soi Dog, Thailand

As The Flood Waters Recede

The Animals Of Thailand Need Your Help!

Dear Kah,

To those of you who have generously donated towards helping the animal victims of Bangkok’s recent floods many thanks.

As the flood waters retreat our rescuers are able to reach more and more dogs who urgently need your help!

The dedication of the rescue teams is truly impressive and I have the deepest respect for these unpaid volunteers who often work 18 hours a day to help the animals in distress. One group, operating in one of the worst affected areas saved over 180 dogs by ingeniously building a large floating platform where the dogs would be safe. With no viable transport option at the time this was there only choice.

The rescue teams are finding dogs and other animals who have had very little food in weeks. These animals are often found in a horrific state requiring emergency medical treatment. Several large groups of dogs still remain isolated. These dogs when found are often very thin and sick.

The biggest challenge facing us right now is to provide food for these animals as well as provide them medical treatment. Dogs requiring treatment are transported at great expense and taken to one of the makeshift treatment facilities or private veterinary practices.

From the beginning Soi Dog and our partner organizations made the decision to sterilize all the dogs rescued, this being an opportunity to move forward with overall population control in the Bangkok region. It is a race against time to perform as many many mass sterilizations as possible while the animals are contained.

In the ongoing effort to save animal flood victims Soi Dog will stand by the animals and will never refuse a request for help from the many rescue teams we support. The financial strain on Soi Dog has been huge, coupled with the ongoing operational costs of our programs in Phuket.

Please help us to save even more lives by giving as generously as you can towards the emergency flood relief appeal.



John Dalley




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