Happy Pee-Poo news from Indy!

After the visit to the vet’s, Indy must have been completely stressed out. He still wasn’t comfortable inside the house and insisted on going out to the porch. Under the car. I thought I would be spending the whole day camping out in the porch again, but that was not to be so…

Bunny decided he’d do the job for me.

Here’s good old Bunny accompanying Indy under my car.

Cleo joined them as well.

These photos were taken over about 4 hours this afternoon.

Bunny stayed throughout with Indy.

Later in the evening, even Pole joined them under the car, which is very rare.

Perhaps they all saw a need to look after Indy. Indy is the youngest of my cats.

We had to go out, so I brought Indy in to feed him. I had to drag him out from under my car.

Eating as usual.

Then, Indy insisted on going out of the gate.

I guess it’s habitual, so I accompanied him. But wait…Indy was mooching about on the grass. I knew he must be looking for a place to pee. So I quickly got back behind the gate. He doesn’t like being watched (who does, right?).

Yay!!  Indy is pee-ing.

Sorry, Indy, I could not resist taking this photo. The last time you pee-ed was yesterday morning so this IS an event to celebrate.


Cow’s looking as well.

Indy covering his pee.

He let me go near. I wanted to check if there was poo as well, but there was none.

Never mind. We’ll wait. Or maybe tomorrow? The vet said not to worry about poo.

But wait again…Indy’s not done yet.

YES!!  He’s poo-ing!


Sorry folks, I just had to take this photo as proof.

Pooper-scooped already.

Indy wanted to go under my husband’s car now. Well, ok. Wherever you’re happy, Indy.

I do have a litter box here, but the cats just don’t like to use it. They want to go OUT of the house to pee and poo.

And I even use unscented cat-sand which is environment-friendly. But my cats still prefer the grass.

By then, Bunny was totally exhausted already.

Tiger took over the guard duty.

Indy came back to under my car.

Cleo’s watching as well.

Two hours later, Bunny is still asleep. Poor Bunny must be totally exhausted sitting under the car all afternoon.

Here’s Indy this evening, happily looking out of the gate.

I brought him in and gave him this side-table.  I hope he stays inside the house.

I also hope that with this, Indy will be well on the road to recovery. That’s the thing with animal illness. I was told that if we seek treatment early, the chances of recovery are much higher. Their antibiotics normally work within 48 hours. This has only been 24 hours as I only started on it last night. I’ve noticed that animal antibiotics work so much more effectively than our human medicines.  Do you suppose this is because animal medicine is tested on animals while human medicine is tested on animals (a classic case of using the wrong species to test our medicines)? I’m just guessing, of course.

Many thanks to everyone for your prayers for Indy, and a big thank you too to the elderly Mr Lim for continuously doing distance healing for Indy ever since Indy was ill.  And of course, to our vet, for his diagnosis, prescription and his assurance that we are doing the best we can.