Indy and his bodyguard

Thank you, everyone, for your prayers for Indy and for sending him good vibes.

Indy spend the night in his blue basket in the shrine room. This morning, I brought his food up for him and later, fed him his medicines. He ate up all his food. Medicines – a minor struggle, but he ate that, too.

We had to go water the lawn in the new house, so I left him for awhile with the windows all closed (but not latched). When we got back, Indy was gone! But Bunny was sleeping on the towel next to the blue basket. I don’t know if Bunny intimidated Indy, or Indy just wanted to take a walk, literally.

He must have JUMPED down from his basket, walked all the way downstairs and JUMPED out through the window OR pushed opened the upstairs window, JUMPED onto the roof and JUMPED his way down to the garden (a path which only Cleo, Pole, Indy and sometimes, Tiger, take. The Cow-Bunny combo is either too lazy or too obese to even want to try this pathway).

I’m more inclined to think he walked down the stairs and jumped out through the window.

Either way, there is JUMPING involved and I suppose that’s a good sign.

I found him under my car. Indy just feels more comfortable in the porch and driveway.

He has been sleeping there since.

He is sitting under my car in the driveway, inside the house compound.

Bunny is watching him.
(I’m not sure if Bunny is really watching or intimidating him, but let’s give Bunny the benefit of the doubt.)

And here’s good old Bunny, watching the gate (so that Indy won’t go out?).

We fixed the netting last night, but one of them stepped ON it again.

I’ll most probably be taking Indy to the vet’s again. He has not pee-ed or poo-ed since yesterday. Actually, he has not poo-ed for more than 2 days now.

There is no housecall slot for acupuncture until next week. I’m still thinking if it’s worth all the travelling stress to take Indy to TTDI for treatment. The stress may do a lot of harm for him and that might not be wise. I should just opt for the housecall unless Indy doesn’t get better.

I’ve enquired about ultrasound as well, but that’s just to determine if there are kidney stones.

Maybe a trip to the vet’s would be good.