Indy is much better today, but…

It was almost opening time, so I went to get Indy to take him to the vet’s.

Good old Bunny! He’s still staying with Indy.

There’s Indy. Come out, please.


So I had to pull him out and he wasn’t too happy about that.

True, which cat in its right frame of mind would want to go to an unfamiliar place, right?

Indy was distressed all the way in the car, in that 5-min ride.

Unlike Bunny who would go exploring the clinic, Indy went to hide.

The vet said Indy’s gait has definitely improved significantly today.

However, Indy still has a fever of 39.9 degrees. He was only given the Baytril last night, so we have to give that time to work. The normal temperature for cats is between 38 and 39 degrees.

There is still pain on this part (above), which indicates it is a nerve problem. Hopefully, the Neurobion and Denzo will address that. But it is much less painful today, based on the reaction from Indy (spreading out his legs).

So, the course of treatment is to go on 2 weeks’ Baytril and monitor him closely.

I was worried about Indy not pee-ing or poo-ing. The vet felt his bladder and it wasn’t full. There is some urine, but not a large amount. He said not to worry because Indy is eating.

However, he did say he suspects Indy may have more than just a bladder infection. Indy may also have pyelonephritis, which is an infection of the kidneys and this is more serious than a bladder infection.

See this:

The treatment for phelonephritis is also the same antibiotics.

The vet suggests bringing Indy back for more thorough diagnostics after about 2 weeks. Maybe we should even extend the antibiotics up to 3 weeks.

Indy back home, after the vet’s.

This is one of his favourite spots in the house, right smack in the middle of the hallway.

I’m glad he’s sitting here now. At least I don’t have to camp out in the porch with him!

The vet explained that since Indy had such a bad infection when he was little (when rescued), we can expect that he would be susceptible to the same infection again and again in his entire lifetime because one may not have totally healed from those childhood infections. It’s the same with humans, too.

Meanwhile, off mainstream treatment, I’ve heard that parsley water is good for cats with renal problems. If you have tried that on your cat and it has worked, please do share. I’m doing a bit more research on this before giving it to Indy. I’ve heard some owners giving misai kucing water too and it has worked. But what works for one cat may not work for another. Please consult your vet before trying these alternative remedies.






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  1. Susleen

    I have been a little busy with work and haven’t followed much in here. However I pray Indy will continue to be strong and stand to fight anything comes in his way. Some cats can have lots of complication but when their will to live is strong, they are able to make it. We just need to keep them happy. Lots of love and hugsssss for Indy!