Oh no, not the emus too, please!

I read this two days ago: http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2011/12/12/focus/10079396&sec=focus

Apparently, the writer suggests that emus be farmed for commercial purpose since its meat can be eaten and its other byproducts such as oil, skin, feathers, eggs, blown out egg shells, nails, claws, bones etc. sold and marketed as handicraft, etc.

I wonder if the writer would even take a moment to consider the possibility of a stronger species governing our planet and farming humans for our meat, oil, skin, hair, nails, bones and other usable parts. And every day, we watch our friends, relatives, family members being carted off to be severed piece by piece, screaming and yelling to be spared.

Sure, we are intelligent and we have feelings, but this stronger species comes with a far more superior intelligence and they think we are plain dumb and incapable of thinking and feeling as they do (and they are absolutely right). And while some of them may empathise with us miserably dumb humans, their more scientifically minded people tell them, “Hey, don’t anthropomorphise these stupid humans! They are not like us.” (And I’m sure they, being more intelligent would definitely use a simpler word than “anthropomorphise” (which I can never spell correctly each time!).

And with all their scientific research in their labs (using us as specimens), they think they know all about us. But the truth is, they don’t. HOW can they possibly know all about us when they are not one of us?  As intelligent as they think they are, they don’t even realise this basic fact. So we humans continue being slaughtered by the billions in their farms, every day. Why, they even have KFH chains (that’s Kentucky Fried Human! And those humans don’t look like us, they are genetically manufactured; they have no face, no fingers, no toes…poor fellows).

But I digress…

Please spare the emu.
Let’s not start KFE chains, please.
(That’s Kentucky Fried Emu)

Why spare the emu?

Reason 1: Because that’s the right thing to do.

Reason 2: Because what goes around comes around.

Choose whichever answer above feels better and more correct to you.
(One is from the moral conscience, the other is from moral fear.)






3 responses to “Oh no, not the emus too, please!”

  1. cindy

    I am not a vegetarian, but the ‘eat less meat kind’. Whatever.

    The market is full with meat, meat, meat, meat, why we need to breed another animal for meat? The problem with human being is, they always want more. The insatiable appetite for MORE and MORE. More food, bigger houses, more money … where is the end?

    We have to learn to HAVE LESS. Less choice. The beauty of simplicity. Travel light.

  2. Maneki Neko

    I am a vegetarian, so I don’t comment on my own behalf — I won’t be eating emus, either way. People are breeding emus and ostriches in many countries of the world already, and not necessarily where you might expect them. I saw many ostrich farms when I lived in Turkey, for instance, and ostrich kebab was very popular. In response to Cindy’s comment above, I might offer the following: emus and ostriches produce lean, flavourful meat, and they require less land and water than cattle. As we struggle to feed the earth’s people, we don’t necessarily need to look for more and more exotic species to eat, but perhaps more efficient ones. If you must eat meat, perhaps it’s best to look to the most environmentally efficient meat, and that is certainly not beef. In the long run, the planet would suffer less if people gave up beef in favour of emu/ostrich. Of course the planet would suffer less if people gave up meat, but that’s another story…

  3. cindy

    Hello Maneki,

    Actually I do not eat much beef either. What I normally eat is what I considered the ‘left overs’ .. bones for soups. And perhaps some minced beef for the cats. I am basically not a great meat eater.

    I agreed with you about ‘environmentally efficient meat’. But I am afraid the basic reason is, people is looking for exotic species to eat. Especially in places like HK, China.

    I strongly believe in eating for the sake of surviving. AND don’t waste any part of an animal. Or vegetables for that matter. FOOD is not to waste nor play with. Many people die of hunger each day. Or have to search for food from garbage dumps.

    Here we are talking about cows eating too much ‘resources’. Today there is an interesting program on TV about cars using up ‘lands’ for fuel. That is the major reasons prices of grains are going up. I think we have to look at things from all corners. EFFICIENT farming could be something to look at instead of looking for other form of animals to eat. In defense of cows-farming (pls look at this as fun argument), cows provide milk and other useful products. I wonder if EMU could do that? Why people still eat snakes when there is no longer the needs to? or dogs farm for meat like in Thailand and s. Korea? And many others that are too creepy to mention.