Getting a place for Indy

I went Indy-hunting just now, and after sometime, he called me…from a neighbour’s garden.

There he is! He could not (or did not want to) jump across the drain, so I had to carry him over.

I brought him back to the house, but as usual, he was not comfortable.

Meanwhile, Bunny is upstairs on the “sick blanket”.

Jia-Wen came home soon, so Bunny went over to his bed to sleep. At least I know Bunny is okay.

Where are the rest? It’s about to rain…

Pole is here.

Cleo is here.

The trouble with my brood is, they don’t like to be close to each other. When one takes a chair, the whole chair belongs to her/him. No sharing.

Cow found a box for himself.

Tiger has the entire room, of course. This is his cardboard palace.

But where is Indy?

Oh dear, has he gone to the neighbour’s again?

I looked all over…

And found him here…

Smart Indy.

Now, you stay here with the Kamakura Buddha, okay?

This is a new place for Indy.

I hope he is comfortable here.








3 responses to “Getting a place for Indy”

  1. i totally understand how it feels, to have to look everywhere for the cats like crazy, thinking something bad happen to them. and after hours of searching high&low, there they are sleeping soundly someplace like nothing happen. cats.

  2. Jessy Lian

    How come Pole is on the Everybody’s-Favorite-Chair (aka Sick-Chair)? Is she alright?

    1. chankahyein

      Hi Jessy,
      Pole doesn’t quite know the rules! She sleeps wherever she feels is safest for her. She is alright. Thanks!