Indy refuses to budge

As of last night, Indy decided he’d exile himself and sleep under a neighbour’s car on the opposite side of the road.

We thought we should leave him there since that’s what he wanted and he looks well enough for now.

This morning, after the Cow-Bunny combo in the kitchen, I went out to get Indy back so that I could give him his medicines.

He’s under that WEP car. That’s Pole coming towards me. Pole never fails to come each time we go out of the house. She’s a very sweet cat – she’d always come trotting.(For those uninitiated into the complexities of my cat colony, Pole is Cow & Bunny’s sister but she got chased out by them when they were all one year old. Pole has stayed out ever since but comes back for meals and whenever it rains. Cat politics, I cannot do anything about it. Worse, it’s sibling-politics! Pole is very scared of Cow and Bunny even though they do not chase her anymore nowadays. You’d see why I just cannot adopt another cat or even foster. Cow and Bunny rule the house and they are very alpha.)

There…you see Indy now?

He refused to budge.

I brought his favourite food. Indy actually prefers Hill’s KD to RC Renal.

Indy, food, Indy…come out, please?

Nope, refused to budge.

Tiger came to eat the food. No, Tiger, this is not for you. So I went back into the house to feed Tiger first.

Tried again to entice Indy out.

Nope, not budging.

Can’t really blame him, I guess. For two mornings I had carted him to the clinic and stressed him out entirely, he’s determined not to be caught this morning. NO MORE CLINICS! NO MORE CAR RIDES!

I got desperate and brought a stick out to gently push him out. It only made him go further to the middle of the car. Nope, cannot get him out. I’ll have to wait until the sun rises and hopefully, the driver drives the car away. Or, I might have to spray water to get him out though I’d rather not do that. It would be such a bad experience for him and he might just run away from home. Indy is incredibly sensitive and has a tendency to run away. Well, living with two alphas, one would feel very intimidated. I might run away too.

It sure doesn’t help that I’ve got such weak (previously injured) knees, all this squatting is so, so painful for my poor knees.

Come out, Indy…please?

I just need to get Indy out to give him his medicines, that’s all. Then, he can sleep under the car all he likes, as long as he is happy.

Wish me luck, folks. Sobs…







One response to “Indy refuses to budge”

  1. Peggy Quah

    Hi Kah Yein, its cats politics alright, sometimes they give us so much to learn from and sometimes we wonder if they really know wat is home and good for them. Each will show its own colour at different times so we human will just have to just wonder if we are doing things right or not to them. Cheer up, they have their own ways too only sometimes it hurts us.