Sunshine in her element

Well, at least we’ve got good news from Sunshine’s side. Here are some updates from my friend:

Hi Kah Yein,
This past week has mostly been good for Sunshine!! She can now poo and pee on her own. Just to be sure, at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day I check that her poo and pee have been emptied out. Most of the time she would have already emptied her bladder by herself or I’d just wait another half hour or an hour and check again.
She can now turn sides on her own whereas previously I had to make sure to turn her every 2 hours then in the 2nd week, every 4 hours. Now I just check that she has turned sides on her own and the routine daily check to see that she has not developed any pressure sores which will need ongoing daily monitoring as they can begin so quickly overnight if gone unnoticed. This check has to be done daily until such time when and if she regains her mobility and does not spend the majority of her time lying on her side.
With her daily physio exercises and deep tissue massage, her muscles state is getting healthier. She has put on some muscle on her front legs and she can stretch both her hind legs into full extension by herself. In fact my current challenge is still to restrict her from struggling to sit up and also to stand up which she constantly tries when she sees an opportunity.
Last weekend we took her out to enjoy the garden and then decided to give her an outdoor bath and then some soaking in of the sun. At the end of the day she was well exhausted from her excursion and slept like a log!
When Sunshine came to stay with us she had a few spots of fungal infection. Just in the past few days, she seems to have started sprouting quite a few and as a result now looks like a moth-eaten old rug!! It’s all under control now (hopefully ;-)) and has stopped spreading with the application of Iodine in the morning and Ketovid at night. The humid weather probably didn’t help and she must have had a drop in her immune system so I have also put her on VetriDMG to give some help to her immune system. By the way I’m also on immune boosters since she came to us as caring for her can easily take a toil on the system and it would then be also easy to catch the ringworm from her too!!
Today was a challenging day with Sunshine. She growled at me quite a bit during her morning towel-wipedown. I couldn’t figure out what this was due to. Then this evening she was whining and calling me for over 2 hours and then when I gave her her evening wipedown, even before I could touch her, she would scream like in pain. Finally when I just did her last wipedown at midnight, I understood that it was her stomach that was giving her discomfort as she did a big diarrhoea. It’s strange because she has been eating pretty much the same food…but I’m sure she’ll be better soon and I’m glad the mystery was solved because she was squealing like she was so much in pain that I worried that somehow she had gotten herself hurt.
She’s now fast asleep and I think we’re almost back to normal!!
Good night…

Sunshine’s new water bottle.

Sunshine’s day out in the sun.

Some shade is good.

Waiting for her outdoor bath under papaya leaves.

The fungal infection.

We’re so happy to hear of Sunshine’s progress. Her next acupuncture session is tomorrow and we’re carrying on with this once a week.

Many thanks again to my friend for looking after Sunshine so well.

Also, we’d like to thank Sumitra Siew and Sau Yee (from Ipoh) for their Christmas “angpows” for Sunshine. Sau Yee said to buy Sunshine a toy or anything suitable. Maybe this water bottle will serve as a good gift for Sunshine.

We hope for sunshiny days ahead for Sunshine Courage!