The car drove away…and I got Indy!

Oh good, the car’s gone.

Now, where is Indy?

There he is!

He refused to come to me when I called him.

And there’s wet cement in front so it would be difficult to get to him.

Pole gladly came.

Yes, Pole,  know you’re a very good girl. Could you, perhaps, get Indy to come?

No, I didn’t think so.

Wet cement notwithstanding, I had to step on it (extra cement) and get Indy.

Brought him into the kitchen and gave him his KD.

He turned his nose up and walked away.

I quickly closed all the windows this time.

Fussie Cat did the trick!

Gosh, what would I do without this lifesaver?

After two helpings of Fussie Cat, with Neurobion, Denzo and Baytril in between the two helpings, and Vetri DMG to round it up.

It’s no wonder he refuses to come home, right? Home is currently all about being enticed to eat nice food, but also being shoved those horrible pills down your throat, literally.

Indy put up a fight this time.

I don’t need medicines, he seemed to say. But I managed, somehow.

He went outside to the porch.

By the time I got back into the kitchen, Cleo was happily eating the KD. Somehow, they just love Indy’s food.  I suppose it’s because it’s “different”.

I propped Indy up on this pile of books (the lifesaver during the Blueys’ time when Indy ran away from home because of jealousy). He wasn’t comfortable at all, and jumped down.

Back in the kitchen, Tiger was helping himself to the KD, or what’s left of it.

Indy stayed at the water tap, so I figured he wanted water.

Yes, he drank lots of it, too, which isn’t so good, but never mind.  We already know there’s something not so right about his kidneys.

LOTS of water…

Pole, Pole, now, don’t you fall sick on me, please, okay?