A new kid on the block – Tabs

I’m told worrying does not help, which is absolutely true. So, while I’m here in the room with Indy, waiting and hoping the antibiotics would work and he will be well again, amidst the soothing chant of Metta playing, I’ll tell you about this new kid on the block.

A new neighbour moved onto my street recently and they brought some cats along. It is always a relief to know a new neighbour is an animal-lover.

Lately, one of their kittens has been coming near to our house.

Today, she decided she’d come right in.

She’s a tabby and Tiger has been trying to make friends. Tiger is a “racist”, he only befriends tabbies like him.

While we were looking for Indy this morning, the little tabby followed my husband around.

That’s the little Tabby (with red collar) with Tiger and Cow is looking on.

Tabby is not afraid. She comes right into our gate.

And into the house.


That’s Cleo sniffing at her.

She’s a very young kitten.

Sniffing at Bunny.

We took her back to her house, but she came right back.

Later, we latched the windows because we had finally caught Indy and brought him back into the house. The little tabby stood outside the window waiting for us to open the windows and when we did, she came right in again. She even hissed when she saw Bobby.  Of course Bobby could not see her.

I’m back!

Tiger is always excited when there is a new tabby on the street.

It’s like she wants to live here.




She was very hungry, too.

She came to check in on Indy when I was about to take Indy to the vet’s.

Like I told my other cat-loving neighbour, it’s a blessing to have a neighbour who likes animals. Educating about spay-neuter can come later. What’s important is that the new neighbour likes animals. Ignorance is easier to cope than hatred and malice.






3 responses to “A new kid on the block – Tabs”

  1. Joy E. Saga

    Hahaha – loved the statement :Tiger is a “racist”, he only befriends tabbies like him. Thanks for making me smile!

    I thought Tiger is Gandhi?

  2. Dawn Tan

    That is definitely going to stick in my head, even if by force: Ignorance is easier to cope than hatred and malice.

    Many times,I’m too anxious about sharing the importance of spay-neuter whenever I meet ppl with animals. But I forget to count the blessing that, one more person who loves animals is better than one more person who hates them.

    Thanks KY!

  3. chankahyein

    I guess for me, it’s because I’ve lived with a back neighbour who absolutely hates animals and their sounds (mews/barks) so much so that I had to get Wii adopted as he lived in the back alley. So it reminds me to always be thankful to ANYONE who loves animals (or at least, do not hate them).