No visible stones in Indy’s kidneys, but…

I brought Indy to the vet’s today. His temperature taken at home with the digital thermometer was 39.2 degrees. But he had stopped eating since yesterday afternoon, so that was a cause for concern.

Indy was terribly stressed in the car ride and by the time we reached the vet’s, with the dogs’ barking and all the commotion, his temperature had risen to 40.5 degrees. That was alarming, but then again, Indy is so, so easily stressed.

The vet said we’d do an x-ray to determine if there are any kidney stones.

I had to help hold Indy down, so I had to wear the lead overalls.

Two X-Rays were taken.



Both vets read the X-Rays for cross-checking purposes. Indy’s left kidney is bigger than usual. The right kidney could not be seen. Upon a physical examination, the vet could not feel the right kidney either.

Taking blood to do a full bloodwork.

Two vets had to hold Indy down because he was very stressed and nervous by then. I kept talking to him to calm him down. The blood test results will only be known tomorrow at the earliest.

The vet pressed on the nerves on Indy’s back and the reaction today was much stronger than previously. This is baffling. Could it be an infection of the nerves?

Since the X-Ray did not reveal any stones, an ultrasound needs to be done now to determine if indeed there are stones, or there is something else which is wrong.

Unfortunately, the vet in PJ whose ultrasound readings can reveal something other than kidney stones is on leave, so it looks like we cannot do anything unless we find another vet who can do it.

Indy has now been put on Clavomox besides continuing with the Baytril, so it is two antibiotics.

The vet said if there is anything else wrong with Indy’s kidneys besides having stones (which can be surgically removed), it would be bad news.

That’s how it stands now.

I’ll just have to pray that the combination of Clavomox and Baytril does the job and that the infection heals.

Meanwhile, nothing is conclusive with the diagnosis.

We have made him a little cardboard house since he likes sleeping on cardboard. but he prefers the broken box. He’s not happy being confined in the room and wants to go back outside to under the car, but I don’t think I can allow that now that he isn’t doing too well. I know the stress of confining him isn’t doing him good, but letting him out may be worse.

UPDATES at 2.00pm – I have spoken to another vet who said it’s best to wait for the blood test results before doing more. He also agreed that Clavomox may be better to address an infection of the kidneys. However, Indy’s initial problem of the limping of his hind legs and now, the suspicion of a kidney problem seems like two separate issues.


This vet has an ultra sound machine but he also agreed that I should wait for the PJ vet to do the ultra sound as his machine is much better and can do better diagnosis.

My other concern is Indy being so stressed in car rides, I would weigh the pros and cons of taking him anywhere unless it is really, really necessary. Stress kills.

Meanwhile, this morning, everyone (I mean the cats) stayed out on the porch surrounding Indy while he was under the car. It was a touching sight and I suppose these things bring small comforts to all the worry. Even now, I think all the cats know Indy is not well and even though I’ve latched the room and I’m staying inside with Indy, none of the cats is making a demand to come in even though this room belongs to Tiger, Cow and Bunny. Even Bobby isn’t demanding to come in. He’s just staying outside the door. Maybe they know when something serious is happening, they would have to help me by being on their best behaviour.

It’s humans who are giving me problems right now, but that would be another story which is not worth writing about.







3 responses to “No visible stones in Indy’s kidneys, but…”

  1. Connie

    Take care Indy, get well soon boy.
    Oh…when will Dr Suzzana can be able to do house call for Indy? Can imagine Indy’s mummy is reallllllyyyy worry ๐Ÿ™

    1. chankahyein

      No housecall slots still. So tomorrow I’m taking Indy to TTDI, stress and all.

      1. Connie

        Oh dear!! Pretty much stressful day tomorrow ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™