Subsidy for Golden, the LDP dog (Dawn Tan’s)


We have subsidised RM100 for Golden’s neutering and RM75 for his medical treatment.

Hi KY,
Status: Recovered, neutered, discharged, fostered, escaped.
Pic no.02 : Once Golden was out of his cage, he ran to a corner and hid his head.
Pic no.04 : He was terrified of dogs, humans, changes, everything. So we had to carry him out to the car
Pic no.05 : Once in the car, he immediately curled to a corner and hid his head again.
Pic no.08 : He hid his head for most of the journey
Pic no.09 : Just before we arrived at the fosterer, he came out from hiding
Pic no.13 : When we arrived at the foster (Chris is also the kind samaritan who helped to rescue him), he refused to move and had to be carried in again.
Pic no.17 : Once in the compound, he scrambled to the drain and glued himself there. We couldn’t coax him out, not even with chicken we bought specially for him.
Pic no.18 : We were discussing to give him some personal space and time to calm down. The fosterer has cats, so they can only foster Golden till he is braver, then release at the park beside their house, where there are hardly any strays, so they can safely feed him everyday. The whole time we were there,Golden remained glued to the wall and drain.
Later when Chris checked on him at 2am, Golden had eaten his chicken and escaped.
Chris searched the neighbourhood and found him walking 2 streets away. When approached, he ran, then lied down and groaned…so Chris carried him back home again.
Before he could be leeshed, he had scrambled into the drain again, this time under a drain cover, so he was left there for the night.
When morning came, he was gone for the 2nd time. Nobody had any idea how he escaped the fences. This time Chris could not find him anywhere in the neighbourhood.
The whole Sunday, I was worried…how would such a timid dog find food? Where would he shelter from the rain? Why would he escape from a loving fosterer? Was he abandoned, and escaped again and again to try to find his owner?
Wherever he is, why ever he ran away, I told myself to believe God has a plan for Golden.
Yet I can’t help feeling that maybe Golden escaped…to go to heaven :~(
Subsidy request: Will send the form+receipt to you today.
A scanned copy is attached so you can match back receipt to case.
RM 100.00 (subsidy for spaying male dog)
RM   75.00 (50% subsidy for leg injury treatment and hospitalization) *
* In total, Golden was at the vet for 15 nights (RM300). He was hospitalized to treat leg injuries and recover fr neutering. Both matters were overlapping, so I’m not sure how to calculate this. Thus, I just divided Rm300 into 2 matters, and requesting subsidy for 50% of 1 matter (leg injuries). Hope this works.
Write-up: I have forwarded the write-up below to refresh your memory, previously sent to you on 25Nov11.
As this was already blogged, I did not resend the earlier photos, less it jams up your email.
Best regards,
Dawn Tan



We thank Dawn, Serene and Chris for doing everything possible for Golden. Let’s hope that Golden is safe, healthy and happy, wherever he is now.

I want to personally thank Dawn for her thoughtfulness in doing this write-up for me and sending the photos so that I don’t have to search my mailbox and write it all up again. Thank you, Dawn! It really helps so, so much.







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  1. Dawn Tan

    You are most welcome KY, it’s the least I could do in return for your kindness.