Subsidy for Gummy’s spaying (Dawn Tan’s)

We have subsidised RM100 for Gummy’s spaying, RM25 for her treatment, and Dawn has redonated back RM25 into our fund to help the next animals who comes along. Thank you very much, Dawn.

Hi KY,
Status: The vet was also unable to find an adopter for Gummy, so she was release at the vet’s back alley last week.
Subsidy request: Will send the form+receipt to you by this week.
A scanned copy is attached so you can match back receipt to case.
RM 100.00 (subsidy for spaying female cat)
RM   25.00 (50% subsidy for flu treatment and hospitalization) *
* Since this is a minimal amount, we would like to donate this RM25 back. Tho is not alot, I hope it can pool together with other to become something big 🙂
Write-up: I have forwarded the write-up below and photos attached, previously sent to you on 10Nov11 so you need not dig up emails.
Hope this arrangement makes your day easier, thanks!
Best regards,
Dawn Tan


Gummy’s story:

On Mon night (07Nov), our office condo’s guards picked up Gummy from the car park and approached Serene (my friend). Gummy had an awful red plastic covered wire collar on her. Eventho I cannot imagine why someone would collar their cat with such a thing, the fact was she came with a collar, so she advised the guards to keep Gummy for the night incase the owner came looking for her. She gave them her number, tupperwares of food and water, a pillow and a blanket for Gummy’s night in the guard’s control room.On Tue night (08Nov), the guards rang us saying nobody had come to claim Gummy. So we had to take her, if not they would have to release her. We wanted to spay Gummy first, so we took her in for the night. She was dirty, skinny and sick with flu. Unfortunately, we still had to bath her with warm water cos she was awfully dirty and full of stuff on her body.

Nxt morning, Wed (09Nov), we drove her to our favourite vet in Puchong. Doc said Gummy would have to be treated for flu first, then only proceed with spaying.
We roam our car parks every afternoon to carry our roaming office cat back, but never saw Gummy in the car parks before. So we suspected she either escaped or was abandoned there. Since we had no idea how street-smart she is and it’s not safe to release Gummy back on our streets (Damansara Perdana is now a massive breeding ground for dogs), the kind doc offered to help us release Gummy at the her clinic’s back alley, where she could feed them everyday. There are also no stray dogs around that area and she would keep an eye on the alley cats.
Sigh…it’s upsetting to have to release such a docile cat back on the streets. Unfortunately we have to consider the well-being of our own cats in the office and home. We have had complications before-strays trying to rehome themselves in our office, slight trouble with the residents etc. Thank God we still managed to keep everyone alive and safe. But being on shaky grounds, we dare not risk pushing any buttons further. So I can just pray that Gummywould be fine, for God to forgive me for deciding this and take comfort knowing that she’s better off in that street, spayed and near the a vet…than here, unspayed and full of homeless dogs.
I will send you the receipt once the spaying is done.
Best regards,
Dawn Tan




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  1. Dawn Tan

    Hi KY, I think the write-up is missing. It’s forwarded at the bottom of this mail…

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