Indy is resisting

I spent all night accompanying Indy whenever he wanted to take a walk on the road. Then, it would be back to the room.

It’s been very hard because he is resisting food and water. I syringe-fed him and he regurgitates everything out. Even water. He would salivate and force every bit of it out after that.  He hasn’t eaten or drunk since Thursday afternoon.

Last night’s medicine – Denzo, Neurobion, Clavomox and Vetri DMG.

Feeding him his medicines is a nightmare. He bites and scratches me. He is fighting. And half hour after giving him the medicines, he salivates and starts regurgitating everything out. I think perhaps his stomach is empty, so it’s not taking the medicines well because most medicines must be taken after food. For this reason, I forcefed some food, only to have everything thrown out. He would salivate until there is foam around his mouth and it is scary.

I don’t really know what to make of this and can’t really understand why he is resisting all the help I’m giving him.

It is extremely frustrating.

Here I am, doing my best to help him, and here he is, resisting it with all his might.It’s feels like I’m fighting a losing battle.

I suppose he knows what he wants and he only wants what he wants – to sit under a car on the road.

He doesn’t want to eat or drink. There is no pee or poo either. He doesn’t want his medicines. He just wants to sit under a car on the road. If only that could heal him (who knows, maybe it can?), I’ll gladly accompany him on the road.

I will take him for acupuncture today, and see if Dr Susanna can do something for him.

In my moments of frustration, I wonder if we should even interfere or not. I worry our interference is doing more harm than good. We are creatures of a concrete and unnatural world. They are creatures of a natural world. Our worlds overlap, but to what extent? How much overlapping can we or should we allow, where is the line? When do we stop?

We are interfering with Nature albeit with “good” intentions, or so we think.

Accompanying Indy last night as he sits on the pavement of the neighbour’s house.

I opened the window but he just sat on the window sill staring into the nightsky.

This morning, when I opened the door of the room, he walked out and went straight to the window sill. I brought him back to offer him food, but he wasn’t interested in any of it. Then, it was medicine time. Baytril, Clavomox, Denzo, Neurobion and Vetri DMG. It was a battle and I was bitten again. He still has the energy to fight despite having not eaten for two days now. He chewed the Baytril and spat it all out. I don’t know why he simply hates Baytril. The vet says it is beef-flavoured and there’s been no complaints about Baytril so far. It’s Metraconazole or Doxy that animals hate, not Baytril. Well, Indy hates Baytril. I had to give him another dose. The vet had said the antibiotics is what is going to make him well again – we are totally depending on these two antibiotics now. He cannot think of any other treatment as far as western medicine is concerned. The only other thing we could do for Indy is to do an IVP (Intra-vitro Pyelonephragram – not sure if I’ve got this right) where dye is injected into his bloodstream to see the flow through his kidneys. If there is concentration of dye in any of his kidneys, it shows kidney dysfunction and that kidney would be surgically removed. However, this procedure is highly invasive and some animals don’t survive  the procedure. Not the surgery, but the procedure itself can kill the animal.

Indy’s temperature this morning was 37.5 degrees, which is below normal. I took it again and it was 37.7 degrees, so I suppose that’s his temperature. If it is correct, there is no fever, but it’s below normal temperature.

Meanwhile, while all this looks grim, Tabs brings cheer to the household. I opened the door this morning and Tabs jumped down happily from Indy’s pile of books on the porch. I guess she must have either slept on the porch all night or was waiting for me to open the door.

Here is Tabs with Indy on the window sill.

Tabs saying “hi” to Bobby.

And Tabs helping herself to kibble and leftover canned fish. She eats everything and anything, and is always hungry.

Meanwhile, Bunny gets breakfast in bed. He is still eating very well but spends most of the time upstairs on Jia-Wen’s bed. I think Bunny should be okay since he is still eating very well. I bring him food up for him. His temperature this morning was 38.9 degrees, which is on the high-end of normal temperature for cats (between 38 and 39 degrees).

Nursing two sick cats, having to pack to move house, dealing with contractors who don’t honour their word or deadlines plus dealing with other challenging humans is really getting to me. As Dickens says, “It is the best of times; it is the worst of times”. We live in wisdom and foolishness and sometimes, we don’t know which is which anymore. But it’s in challenging times, that we put ourselves to the test and emerge either better or worse.

Please wish me luck in my trip to TTDI today, with Indy in the car, and I really pray the acupuncture will do him some good.

UPDATES at 7.35am – Indy did not resist being syringe-fed with water! Small mercies, but still a mercy, nevertheless, and a little celebration.

He still doesn’t want food, though. But he’s alert. Also, not interested in his ultraman toy yet.

Cow accompanies Indy.

Unfortunately, right after typing this, Indy salivated and regurgitated his medicine out. This always happens half an hour to one hour after giving him the medicines.  I think his stomach is rejecting everything that goes in.

Tabs is a destressor.

She is completely at home.

My husband said she must be the rebirth of one of our former cats since our cats completely accept her and she seems to know the house very well. She even goes upstairs and sleeps on the bed. We can’t decided if she is Vixey, or Suki, or maybe Kimba. From her mannerisms, she reminds me of Kimba. Kimba came from the back alley one night, jumped straight into my arms and he too was completely at home instantly. Kimba was Indy’s best friend.

We’ve brought her back to her house, but she just keeps coming back and her owners also don’t look for her at all.

Maybe she just happened to have a lot of affinity with all of us.






5 responses to “Indy is resisting”

  1. Joy E. Saga

    Hi Kah Yein, I truly feel your frustration and despair. I too nurse sick ISPCA cats in my home and it is truly stressful for even us humans. Please make sure you don’t fall sick yourself ya.

    When I nursed 3 ISPCA from the verge of death, they were not eating and drinking at all. I had to spend half and hour at least per kitten to feed them really slowly. I gave them water and A/D. It was only like 3-4 mls of water and 2-3mls of A/D each time. I try to feed 3x a day. It was really really frightening. Anything more, they also vomit. I didn’t force feed meds. I brought them to the doctor once every 2 days (couldn’t go daily too) to get their antibiotic injections.

    Have you tried giving air kelapa muda? It’s got to be fresh one ya. It contains electrolytes and perhaps can rehydrate Indy. May need to force feed too. Don’t give the meat, just the water. If you are uncertain – check with your vet ya. I’m just worried that he may have eaten something wrong out there. So the coconut water will help him somewhat.

    No harm giving to bunny too.

    Another tip which worked is for diarrhea, you boil 3 jambu batu leaves, and let your cats drink. It worked. My mom’s kitten was having bad diarrhea and it stopped. My sister had bad diarrhea and doctor’s medicine was not working and after suffering many days, my aunt told my mom to boil 3, 6 or 9 leaves depending on severity and drink the water. And it worked.

    Will continue to pray for Indy and Bunny and all your other cats. You take care there now ok.

    Do update us how the Vet visit went.

  2. Susleen

    Is sad to note Indy not eating anything, in any way can you ask the vet to switch the tablets intake to injections ? I have failing cases when tablets are simply being refused by my cat. As alternative daily injection worked. I know how it feels to have an unwell cat at home and you are unable to do more for it, it gives you sleepless nites. Is Indy also refusing wet food for now SD/KD ? I really hope Indy will kick back and show progress in his health soon. Not to over do the treatments are also good cause stress can only make things worst. Hang in there.

  3. Catherina

    Dear Dr, you have to be strong for Indy as he needs you the most now. And I do hope Indy is not giving up in himself. Indy, please be strong, we are not giving up on you, and you must not give up on yourself either. I pray Indy will recover soon.

  4. Peggy Quah

    Hi Kah Yein,
    So sorry you have to go through all that for feeding medication, I think all male cats takes medication very hard. Females not so bad but sometimes do happen. Did you try dipping the tabs in honey like my hubby does? If at all they throw out later the honey will be food for their throat and tummy. All sorts or things we have tried but best is coating them in thick honey and push in the side ofthe mouth with one hand on the back of the neck. Do get some bites too but most ofthe time medication do get in. Earlier they use to throw out later but with this method almost 90% ok.
    Good luck and hope they get well soon. Some times we wonder if they know we are doing good for them but sometimes its God’s will

  5. Jasmine

    Dr Chan, please do take good care of yourself as well. You have a lot to handle right now. I hope Indy will get well soon with all the care already given to him. Please do not stress yourself so much.