5 puppies for adoption (Vivienne Chew’s)

From Vivienne Chew:

Hi Dr Chan,
A friend of mine had rescued this 5 little puppies in the deep drainage at her house backyard,
all 5 are temporary boarding in the vet as we couldn’t find any fosterer /Adopter at the moment.
I write to see if you can help us post the pups photos in your blog to look for an adopter for this lovely pups.
*all are healthy.dewormed.4-6 weeks.3 boys 2 girls.
*Please see attached 3 photos.
I can be contacted at 012-2521562.
Thank you for your help.
Have a Great Day ^^









One response to “5 puppies for adoption (Vivienne Chew’s)”

  1. Shan

    Hi viviene i called you but no anwered.
    Well regarding the puppies i would like to adopt 2 of them.
    So would please indicate your location so that i can decide wether convinient for me to collect or not.

    012-388 6330