Indy’s home!!! And lots better, too!

I was so, so happy (and very surprised) today when I opened the door to Indy’s room and heard the familiar “call”. That’s Indy calling me.

I looked, and Indy looked so much perkier and happier. He is his normal self again.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Just when I had been discussing with my vet whether to let the PJ vet do the barium meal or to bring Indy back to Subang for it, and wondering if we were too late in doing this, here’s Indy, feeling so much better already!

Indy stretching and calling me!

 Indy wants to come out of the cage by himself.

 He wanted wanted to walk around to see the other animals!

Yups, he’s definitely much better today.

I went out to tell the vet and she said once she has taken his temperature and if it’s normal, the drips can already be taken off and we could go home!!

He’s interested in food this time, but I guess he was quite sick of the smell of AD, so I forcefed him. I brought out his kibbles, but he didn’t want it. While feeding Indy the AD, he licked some on his own too! He’s definitely much better now and I think he wants to eat, just not the AD (that’s “hospital food”!)

 Indy grooming himself.

The vet came to take same urine sample (Indy had urinated today) and Indy’s urine is normal. There is no glucose in it. But the specific gravity is back to 1.024, which has been his usual reading. The vet said it’s quite okay, because that’s normal for him.

Now, to wait for the temperature and if normal, the drips could be taken off already.

This was a very long wait as there were so many patients today.

Finally, it was our turn.

Indy fought real hard on the table when we tried to remove the drip. He flipped like a fish and I was badly scratched. Yes, we know it’s very uncomfortable, especially when tearing out the plasters.

The vet asked which protocol I’d like to follow for the antibiotics – Baytril or Ceftriazone (Trixone). I called my vet and he said he’s okay with Trixone, so I would be purchasing a box of injectables to bring back to Subang with me. I would have to send Indy twice a day for the next 5 and a half days to get his injectable antibiotics. No more pilling!!

I asked the vet what was wrong with Indy. Again, we don’t really know for sure. There was an infection, since there was fever. Actually, that’s all we know for certain. All else remains ambiguous and the closest we get is pure guesswork.

Well, never mind, as long as Indy feels better and can eat, I’m happy.

The rest, we’ll just have to take it one day at a time.

Bill paid, and we’re all ready to go home, Indy!!  Let’s go!

I drove very slowly as I didn’t want Indy getting carsick and throwing up again. He was fine this time and sat quietly in the car.

We’re home, Indy!!

Indy coming out out the carrier and touching base again.

Hello Bobby!

Hello Cow!

Indy jumping onto his favourite granite table. I offered him some food, but he wasn’t interested. Maybe the AD is very filling as I managed to feed him all of it.

Introducing Indy to his new “apartment”!

But Indy wanted to go out, so I accompanied him.

Busy grooming himself in the sun.

Indy nicely settled in…with Ultraman.

Indy says “thank you” to all the uncles and aunties who have prayed hard for him in the last few days.

Thank you, everyone, for all your kind wishes, prayers, comforting words, helpful sharing and good vibrations. It has definitely helped Indy and my journey in seeing Indy through has not been so lonely, because all of you were with me in spirit.

Thank you!

P.S. We’ll be making a lot of car trips, Indy, for the next few days and maybe even weeks. One day at a time. We will cope, somehow.







2 responses to “Indy’s home!!! And lots better, too!”

  1. Linda Low

    Alleluia! Prayers work wonders. I was also worried and in suspense. Now that everything is fine, it’s a real relief. 3 cheers to Indy!

  2. Bern

    I’m smiling from this article 🙂 My heart rejoices…I’ll sleep well tonight. 🙂