3 kittens for adoption (Joy E. Saga’s)

Joy has three rescued kittens for adoption:

Hi Kah Yein

I’ve been looking for adopters for the kittens I rescued on the verge of death at Ipoh SPCA. There were 3 of them, Hope (Male), Faith (Female) and Love (Female).
I managed to get Love adopted 2 weeks ago, and now there’s only Hope and Faith.  They are about 4-5 old months now, and dewormed and de-flea.  I’m going get them neutered / spayed after the New Year.  Just a little background about them.
As I volunteer at the  Ipoh SPCA cattery, one Sunday 2 months ago I went to do my usual stuff, there they were with their mother, recently abandoned by their owners.
I cried as I thought how cruel people can be. The following Sunday I went, the 3 of them were very weak, dehydrated and the 2 sisters couldn’t even lift their head! They had a very bad case of flu.  Linda and I bundled them up and rushed them to the Vet.
Love had to go on drips and fed Intravenously. I brought Hope and Faith home and cared for them, feeding everything to them with syringe as they couldn’t eat or drink. I had to spend at least 30 minutes per kitten! That went on for 3 weeks + (Gosh! Was I tired). It was a truly touch and go situation and I prayed, spoke and sang to them every time I had time for them. It was truly a scary experience.
Now 2 months later, they are ready for adoption! They have gained the weight they lost and are indoor trained. They know how to use the litter, loves home cooked food, loves watching TV (Faith especially), doesn’t make noise (sometimes I don’t know they are around me) and likes to be cuddled (they purr up a storm).
I can’t keep them as I would like to rescue more kittens / cats and get them ready for new homes. As it is, their play time in my living hall is supervised (my own cats cannot accept them even after 2 months!) and they are staying in their own room (i call it the hospital room), which is a spare room downstairs. They are very well behaved, the room is clean, the bed is clean and they don’t make much mess on their litter tray.
Just to note – Hope has a deformity – his right front paw.  So far, I’ve refrained from amputation as it doesn’t seem to bother him.  He may need to wear socks on that paw so that he will not get sores. I’ve been monitoring his paw and so far, after removing the bandage, the paw seems fine. He’s oblivious to his handicap and is very happily active and loves to play and run up and down the stairs. It will be up to the new owner if he/she wants to amputate his front paw 🙂
Basically they are currently based in Ipoh. However, I can arrange to send them to the Klang Valley. I will be going down to KL on the 14th of January 2012 so that will be the best time for me to bring them if their new family is there.  I can be contacted via email first – joyelia@hotmail.com and there I will provide my personal handphone number.
I attach 3 photos – the one of Hope and Faith when I first rescued them and Hope and Faith now.  I hope they will find good loving families soon.
Thanks so much Kah Yein!
JOY ELIA SAGA joyelia@hotmail.com









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  1. Linda Suhaili

    They look sooooooo much better now Joy!

  2. Look at those captivating eyes!