Foxy is adopted (Alicia Sureenawathi’s)


Great news from Alicia:

Hi there Dr.Chan,
I’ve transfered RM100 to myanimalcare bank account.
The stray cat Foxy has found a new home, and is very healthy now. He lives nearby where i live and comes and visit me once awhile whenever im around (he loves to sit inside the pet carriage, weird boy). The other cat, Bella, went missing since last Wednesday when i went back to my hometown for a week. My neighbour was feeding the cats and informed me that she has been missing for two days, so i went back to Shah Alam to look for her, but couldnt find her. I hope she is fine wherever she is. Its sad when we get to attached to them and they go missing just like that. I was planning to bring her and her mum this week for spaying. Her mum, Crappy, is pregnant i think (ill check with the vet at my area first). So if she is pregnant, ive got to hold on on the spaying.
Thank you Dr.Chan for your help.
For your reference :

Thank you for doing all that you can, Alicia, and thank you for your very kind donation, too. It would go towards the next animal who comes knocking at our doors. And yes, they knock every day!