Two kittens for adoption (Mun Ee’s)

From Mun Ee:

Mun Ee

Hi Dr Chan,

I found Kitty (black in color) on 8th Dec at my condo carpark and have
sent her to the vet. the vet said she has diarrhea. i have been
nursing her at my home since then. I feed her with ID and now she does
not have diarrhea anymore but is slowly gaining weight. when i found
her, she was weak and was very thin. I hope someone can adopt her
because my work requires some traveling. it would be hard for me to
take care of her.

And on 17th Dec, i found a small kitten, also at the carpark at my
condo. she is like an energizer battery, full of energy and loves to
climb, jump, run and eat. notice that she has a mole near her mouth.
that’s probably why she has an appetite of a lion. She would sure to
bring a smile to anyone’s face.

These two cats need a permanent home. my condo carpark is not a safe
place for them and i have to travel often. I hope you can post this up
so that these kittens can be adopted because they deserve a better

i can be contacted at 0166619135 (Mun Ee)
Thank you Dr Chan.