A new litter-box for Tabs

I went out to buy a new litter-box for Tabs since she is already litter-box trained. The one I have is rather small.

That’s Tiger (not Tabs) looking at the new litter-box. Everyone is welcome to use it. When I move, I have two big jobs – confining the cats and re-training them to use the litter-box. Somehow, years ago, when they were growing up, they stopped using the litter-box and went out to the grass instead. At that time, I thought the grass was more natural for them, so I allowed it. I was also way too busy fostering kittens at that time, so I had neglected this aspect. Well, it’s never too late to re-train them. I’ll get a few more litter-boxes when we finally move over. Meanwhile, Tabs is using this new one and I hope the adult cats will get the idea from Tabs?

By the way, Tabs poo-ed in the litter-box and there was no diarrhoea.

 The cat and the disciplinarian – both taking a break.

I doubt my husband will be disciplining Tabs as she’s wound him around her little finger!