Bunny and Indy’s acupuncture session

Dr Susanna arrived at my house on the dot and was welcomed by Tabs!

Tabs was a most gracious host, you’d almost think she’s been properly groomed at finishing school.

Dr Susanna immediately said Tabs has some British Shorthair or European Shorthair in her. She’s partly purebred – it shows  on the roundness of her face and the spots on her body. Well, that’s something I know absolutely nothing about since I’m always dealing with street animals! I sometimes cannot even tell a Lab from a Retriever, what more a King Charles and a Cavalier King Charles! I’m completely hopeless with branding because it does not matter to me. But I know it does to a vet, because certain purebreds have specific genetic weaknesses. The street animals are genetically stronger.

Back to the session…

 The good doctor saying hello to Bobby with Tabs looking on.

Maybe Tabs thought it necessary to introduce everyone to everyone.


 Hello Bobby…

 Tabs would like to help….

 But first, some food would be good.

 Bunny shall go first.

Dr Susanna thought Bunny was unusually warm, so we took his temperature. It was normal. Yet his body was really hot. And yes, we put Bunny down and he was limping, more on the left. Oh oh, why does it sound so eerily like Indy’s case? Dr Susanna strongly suggested that I bring Bunny in to the vet’s today. I’m planning to, as soon as I can get an appointment.

Bunny also resisted when his back legs were touched. He protested.

The lower half of his body was hotter than the top part and there was no pulse in his left leg. If it were a thrombus (blood clot), his leg would be cold, but it’s hot.

It’s all very strange, said Dr Susanna. Better get him to a vet today itself.

I will, but Bunny’s vet is going away tomorrow for a long weekend. Oh dear…it’s the public holiday jinx again, isn’t it?

Bunny fought off the needles, and a few popped out. But we managed somehow, all the towels went flying too. We had to put Bunny inside a carrier. There, he took off a few more needles.

 Next was Indy’s turn. Indy wasn’t as resistant…thank goodness.

 While Indy was being pricked, Bobby watched over Bunny.

 Indy went into the carrier as well, and he too got a few needles out.

 Removing the remaining needles from Bunny and checking him again.

 Indy eating after the session – a most welcome sight, something no money can buy.

 Tiger says hello to his saviour.

It was Dr Susanna who literally saved Tiger’s life some 2-3 years ago when Tiger was supposedly down with Calicivirus and three vets could not do anything for him. Tiger was having shifting lameness, a bad ulcerated sore on his neck (which had persisted for almost a year) and a shallow breathing problem, which all resulted in him losing all confidence and running away to seek shelter at the neighbour’s because Cow & Bunny chased him out and would not allow him to return home. Tiger was checked and found to be FIV+. That explained his inability to heal. The vets said, “Your cat is probably dying, there’s nothing much we can do already.”

After the first acupuncture session, Tiger could walk again. The limping was gone and his sore started healing. After the second session, Tiger could RUN and the sore completely healed. After the third session, Tiger regained so much confidence, he came home, claimed his rightful place on the piano stool and has been a very confident cat ever since. Even during a flu outbreak, Tiger healed as quickly as my non-FIV+ cats. Bunny took 3 weeks to heal (Bunny is also FIV+) but Tiger took only a few days.

What about me?

 You need acupuncture, Cow, if only to cure your spraying (if that’s possible) and to make your energy flow right, but how to prick needles in you if you’re so, so fierce?

After the session, I checked to see if Bunny and Indy were both upstairs. Indy was, but Bunny had disappeared from Jia-Wen’s room. Oh dear…where IS Bunny???

I looked all over the house. The only windows opened are the kitchen windows where Indy never goes to, but Bunny does, but the furthest he could get to would be to perch on the pillar in Mac’s place.

Bunny was no where to be found.

I went out to the back alley in the rain and looked into every drain. Cow was there too.

There was no Bunnyphant.

I went upstairs again and finally found Bunny!

Where was he?

 Bunny had gingerly opened the bathroom down to Ming-Yi’s room and got in.

There he is now, lying on Ming-Yi’s bed. He thought he’d had me fooled. Poor boy…he must be so freaked out of car-trips and all these treatment, he’s decided to hide. The gap of the bathroom door was just a small one, yet the big Bunnyphant got through. That’s how persistent and resilient cats are.

Now, I have to make an appointment and take Bunny to the vet’s.

Wish me luck, folks.

By the way, Happy Winter Solstice, but there would be to Dong Yuen for me today!