Indy eats on his own!!!

Indy slept on our bed all of last night. I woke up a few times throughout the night to check on him and his body did not feel overly warm. I was worried the fever would escalate in the night.

This morning I woke to find him walking around the room, as though waiting for me. It was already “late” by my standards, 6.30am. I”m exhausted with all the rushing around and especially the worry, and I need sleep to recover.

I went into the bathroom and Indy followed. He definitely looks more perky.

And when I brushed my teeth, Indy tried to lick my toothpaste – this is an idiosyncracy of his. It’s strange, but he does it all the time – tries to lick my toothpaste (which I don’t allow, of course).

It’s Indy’s normal behaviour settling in back….that’s a good sign.

Indy followed me downstairs, quite eagerly too. I haven’t seen this ever since he’d been sick.

Things are looking up….(I hope!).

In the kitchen, I tried my luck and offered Indy some wetfood. Nope, didn’t want.

Then, I put some Evo kibble which Cathy gave me yesterday.

 Indy ate!!!

All by himself!

Indy stopped eating last Thursday. It’s been a week now, almost exactly, and FINALLY, he is eating on his own now.

But Tabs was on the kitchen slab and playing with the bowls and making a lot of  noise and Indy was distracted. I had to take Tabs further away because I simply MUST allow his moment to happen (Indy eating on his own).

 Yes, he is eating, he is eating!!

 The Sheikh (Bunny) also came downstairs this morning to eat.
I’ve been bringing food up for him for one week now, serving him his meals in bed.

 And of course Tabs is eating too (isn’t she always?)
She managed to sleep inside the house all night with no major mishap.

Then, Indy went to the window. He wanted to go outside.

I opened the door, and he happily went out.

 It was drizzling but Indy wanted to walk around in the garden. So, I stood in the drizzle with him.



 But he soon dashed out of the gate and oh no….Indy’s going under the neighbour’s car again!


I ran after him, but he dashed REALLY fast.

I only managed to catch his tail and pull him out. I know all cats hate this, but I’m sorry, Indy, I have to do this. You have to make yourself accessible until Saturday evening when you finish all your jabs. I can’t have you under a car yet, I’m sorry. Please bear with me.

I brought him back into the house; Indy was growling at me.

Inside the house, he chased Tiger. Playfully, I hope.

Indy can run!

 I thought I’d try his favourite KD kibbles – Indy ate!!

It’ll take me time to convert his diet to a healthier one.

One step at a time, of course. For now, anything you want, Indy, as long as it’s food that you will eat.

I offered him all kinds of wetfood but he did not want. Of course, am I dense? That’s “hospital food”, he’s been forcefed it for 5 days now. Of course he will not want it anymore.

 Indy wanted to go out.

I know, Indy, but you just want to sit under a car, and I can’t allow that yet. How am I going to get you out to take you for your jabs later?

I think perhaps, Indy might want to pee and poo, too. But the moment I let him out, he’d just dash under a car.

 Soon, Indy went to the downstairs toilet and looked at the brush for a long time.

I think he’s looking for a good place to pee and poo.

 Finally, this happened.
That’s really yellow pee, but it’s because he had not pee-ed for a day.
At least it’s not brown – that’s good.

 And good old poo!!
I’ll have to show this photograph to the vet today to celebrate the event!

Indy had not poo-ed for one whole week but each time we checked, he was not constipated. I was worried if his stomach wasn’t functioning and all the food had just remained in his stomach because Indy was losing 100g per day and there was no poo at all. He wasn’t constipated either. The vet said if that was happening, he would vomit the food out. Okay, at least that wasn’t happening. But then again, we’ll never quite know, would we?

For Indy, and vets and I were thinking of all kinds of hypotheses, and so were some of my friends and readers of this blog. Thank you, everyone, for chipping in to help. I really appreciate it very much.

 After the pee-poo event, I offered some Fussie Cat, and Indy licked a bit of it!

That’s good enough for me.

Little by little is the water jug filled.

The words of my vet rings in my ears now: The trick is to keep them alive long enough to let the body sort itself out.

I guess what kept Indy alive was all the force-feeding. Food is so essential.

I don’t know if the storm is over (or clearing) for Indy and me, because last week, he made a recovery after the limping healed, then took a turn for the worst after one day.

So, I shall not massively celebrate yet, but rejoice in the moment as moments count. In fact, that’s all we have – just moments.

Moments where we are well and happy are moments for rejoicing and of gratitude. What happens next, we won’t know.

Let me be happy for now and go look for Indy first. He’s gone upstairs.

Thank you, everyone, for your prayers, good wishes, moral support and all your helpful suggestions.






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  1. Jessy Lian

    So glad to know that Indy is on his road to recovery (finger cross!)

    I will sure miss Tabs a lot when you move Dr.Chan, she is so adorable & lovable 🙂 I wonder whether her owner got feed her? I also wonder if she would find her way to your new house & ask for food?!?