Tabs doesn’t belong to the new neighbour

I finally plucked up courage to go over to the neighbour’s to enquire about Tabs. “Courage” as in being emotionally prepared to accept what they say and make a decision. I’ve been so busy and anxious over Indy and Bunny I wasn’t ready to take on Tabs’ case yet.

But today, I went over and guess what? The makcik said Tabs isn’t theirs. Apparently, Tabs also went to their house, but they chased her out thinking she should go home to her owner since she has a collar.


This is a good lesson for me in the folly of making assumptions. Just because they moved in with cats, I had thought Tabs was theirs. A thousand apologies, makcik.

What are we going to do with Tabs now that I’m moving. Did she adopt my house or our family? That’s two different things, ie. House = Physical Building. Family = People.

My first thought now would be to take her for vaccination or spaying. Which comes first? Seeing that she is about 5 months old, I would think spaying takes precedence.

Dr Susanna said the collar should be taken off because it is scratching her neck. And Dr S also found some ear mite infection in Tabs which needs medical attention.

How did a collared kitten, and a pretty one at that, go missing? Did someone dump her?

I’ll never know, but now, what should I do?

Spay first, I know. If possible, tomorrow.

Shall I still call her Tabs?

I called my husband and told him the news that Tabs doesn’t belong to the neighbour.

My first thought was to put Tabs for adoption.

But husband said since Tabs had found him first (and yes, that’s true, Tabs went to him first), it means we’ll adopt Tabs.

Oh? This is totally unexpected because husband had said, “No more cats, foster okay, but not adopting”.

This is different, he said, ‘coz Tabs found him and chose to live with us.

So it looks like we’re adopting Tabs, but what about Cow & Cleo’s objections?

They’ll learn, he said.

I certainly hope so.

Tabs lying on Indy’s pile of books out on the porch.

I guess she was a bit frightened of all the commotion just now when a friend dropped in, so she went out.

Hey Tabs…you’re coming with us when we move, unless of course, your owner turns up.

And, Tiger would have a friend again – a fellow tabby-cat.

Maybe it’s not we adopting Tabs but Tabs adopting us!






7 responses to “Tabs doesn’t belong to the new neighbour”

  1. Pooi Mun

    Hurray! Tabs finally has a permanent loving home that she deserved. Cow and Cleo will eventually learn to accept her. No worries.

  2. Maneki Neko

    You were wondering which to do first, spaying or vaccination, and it crossed my mind that de-worming might be a good idea. She seems to eat like a bottomless pit, yet she’s not fat. It suggests that some parasites may be sharing her food with her. Tabs will be a lucky kitty indeed if she moves to your new home with you! šŸ™‚

  3. Huey

    Yay! I like how Tabs look. So smart and… feels like pinching her cheeks! šŸ˜€

  4. Chen

    Tabs is as cute as a button!

  5. melle

    Tabs is such a pretty kitty. Good on you, KY for adopting another kitty.

  6. Connie

    Looks like Christmas going to be jolly for Tabs! Yay!

  7. sherlynL

    Hi Sis KY,

    I can’t stop smiling after reading that your family is going to keep Tabs.. Thank you for your kind generosity in keeping such beautiful but naughty girl..