The storm is not over yet for Indy

So off we went, Indy and I, on our twice-daily pilgrimage to the vet’s for Indy’s Trixone jabs.

I had earlier texted the vet with the good news that Indy is eating on his own already and he did pee and poo.

 Indy wanted to come out and explore the clinic.

The injection was given and Indy still has a temperature of 39.5 degrees. Yesterday evening, it was 39.9, so I guess that’s a small improvement.

His weight loss today is 50g, so that’s also a small improvement.

I spoke with the vet and here’s what the PJ vet and our vet decided yesterday evening – test Indy for toxoplasmosis.

Please see this:

Toxoplasmosis can be tested with a test kit, but our vet would have to source for any vet who has it.  If you know of any, please write to me at

Apparently, not many vets carry it anymore.

The treatment is an antibiotic called Clindamycin, but seeing that Indy has improved clinically, out vet did not want to start him on it yet. Indy’s symptoms concur with those of toxoplasmosis, but if his body is healing on its own, why medicate him, our vet said.

Moreover, Clindamycin is only available in oral form.

Now, the next acid test is this evening’s temperature.

We shall have to wait and see.

 Indy grooming himself vigorously after coming back from the injection.

He resisted violently today. That shows he’s feeling better and stronger, I suppose.

 Bobby is always there to lick the cats whenever they come home from the clinic.
Isn’t Bobby good?

 All prepared for the acupuncture treatment….coming up next.