Tabs is spayed and is home now

The clinic called at 5.15pm saying I could already pick up Tabs. Earlier on, at 4.30pm, I rang and the assistant said Tabs had just been spayed and all went went.

I was so relieved. You know how it is when any of your animals go in for an operation. Every operation comes with risks.

Tabs was moving a lot in the cage when I reached the clinic. She was still a big groggy.

While we were driving home, Tabs kept licking the wound. This vet does the flank method so it’s on her side. I tried to distract her from doing so, but it was no use.

Upon coming back, I put her in the cage and checked the wound. The stitches were intact.

Tabs wanted to use the litter box and the big one could not go into the cage, so I prepared a smaller one for her. She immediately went in to urinate.

Then she wanted food, so I gave her a small amount of wetfood.

 Tabs eating after the operation.

 Fidgeting about in the cage.

 Finally settled down.