Where is everyone?

The windows are still all closed as Indy and Tabs are still under “house quarantine”.

Tabs was making a hue and cry all morning when I confined her in the room, so I had to stay with her all morning after coming back from the vet’s with Indy.

 She finally settled here, on the table beside the modem.

Where are Indy and Bunny?

I went upstairs to check. Indy wasn’t at this usual spot in the shrine room. Bunny wasn’t in Jia-Wen’s room.

I then peeked into Ming-Yi’s room and…

 How cute…Indy has roomed in with Bunny.
This may well be their “hospital room”.

Shh… Do not disturb.

 Tabs must have disturbed the wires because suddenly the internet was down.

I had to fix it and that woke her up. Oops…

She went to the kitchen asking for food, but I have to keep her fasted for her spaying appointment at 1.30pm.

Poor Tabs…how do I explain what is going on and why it needs to be done. Just have to radiate good vibes and hopes she understands.

Then, she got into a fight with Cow.  I think Cow started it.

 Cow is claiming his spot behind my laptop now.

 And our girl also claims hers.

Feline politics! But still, for all your know, it probably has its rules and there is fairplay, which is more than what I can say for human politics!

I hope Tabs’ spaying goes well.  I’ve observed her for a week now and she seems to be in good health. She already had a thorough check-up yesterday at the vet’s. Apart from the slight limp on the right leg, there is no other complaint. I was told to monitor her stools. There is also no diarrhoea. So the vet said it’s okay to go ahead.