Better than a watchdog!

Here’s an amazing story from Mrs Wong:

He’s no scaredy cat: Amazing pictures of brave moggy as he chases away curious fox

 By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 4:55 PM on 22nd December 2011

Sioma the fearless feline proved he’s one mean moggy after being caught on camera chasing away a curious fox.

The crafty cat showed no fear as he frightened off the fox after it slinked onto his ‘territory’ near his home in Kamchatka, Russia.

The incredible chase was captured by Sioma’s owner and keen photographer, Sergey Krasnoshchokov.

 Unwelcome guest: Sioma the cat sets off to intercept a curious fox as it approaches his home in Russia’s Kronotsky nature reserve

The 45-year-old father-of-two watched the scene unfold outside his house in Kronotsky Reserve.

Sergey said Sioma had been very protective of the family and the house since they bought him as a kitten almost 12 months ago.

Flashpoint: Sioma crouches in preparation as the fox comes bounding up to investigate

Too close for comfort: The fox comes within a whisker of Sioma but the fearless feline stands his ground

 Now clear off: Sioma goes on the offensive sending the fox packing

 And don’t come back: The much larger animal beats a hasty retreat as Simona chases it across the snow

He said: ‘He started guarding our house as a tiny fluffy kitten and has always been brave from day one.

‘He has a strong and difficult character but we knew this from the moment we got him.

‘I don’t think he was looking for a fight but he loves guarding and keeping watch and he takes his duties very seriously.

‘The fox certainly had a fright though. At first I think he was just looking for a chance to play but when things got serious he soon got frightened and ran off.’

Guard duty: The territorial puss keeps watch outside the family home