Christmas breakfast for my brood

Merry Christmas everyone!

This is the best picture I could take of my brood this morning. It isn’t often I can get all of them to eat at the same time because usually someone would be late in coming to the kitchen, but this morning, everyone was here.

Yes, even the Sheikh.

Can you spot all of them?

 Aww…I only got little Tab’s ear (right below) – see the pointy ear above this sentence? That’s her. Cow is behind Tiger. When we move, I’ll have to work on “no counter surfing” and everyone has to eat on the floor. Wish me luck!

 Bobby came down late, and by then, all the cats had finished their breakfast and had gone out to the garden, leaving only little Tabs.

 It appears that Tabs would be doing Cow’s duty this morning (of taking Bobby to his food bowl).

 It normally takes Bobby a long time before he finds the food. I think he cannot smell very well anymore.

 Closer, Bobby, a bit closer, please…


 Good girl, Tabs!!

She did not take over Bobby’s food. Isn’t that good of her? The little girl learns fast.






3 responses to “Christmas breakfast for my brood”

  1. Ashni

    So nice to see them all happy…!

  2. So nice to see Tabs doing such a good job!

  3. Peggy Quah

    Merry Christmas to all, but not so merry for me. the youngest of the female kitten TooKia just left us. She and a few males have been having dieorea but under medication then she refuse to eat so we had to forced feed her and this morning she has gone. She is only 6 months too young to be spayed but she’s gone. Yesterday Nala’s two kitten in the Indonesian girls house did not eat and yesterday also gone. They were so pretty and healthy. So poor thing.