Dogfood recipe (Cassandra Yee’s)

Here’s another healthy and delicious recipe for dogs from Cassandra Yee:

Hi Dr.Chan,

My 2 dogs are on home-cooked food too. They are fed twice a day. Usually small portion of kibble (Canine Caviar) mixed with can food (Natural Balance) in the morning & home-cooked meal at night.

I cook one big pot enough for one week, divide into daily portion and freeze. Each week is a different combination. This is the list of ingredients which I mix & match to try give them the all-rounded nutrition. Usually I give them about 6 – 7 of the of ingredients below each week.

1. Chicken fillet
2. Mackerel
3. Mince lamb
4. Pork liver
5. Carrot
6. Spinach
7. Broccoli
8. Pumpkin
9. Red apples
10. Eggs
11. Eggshells (every week) – boiled, air-dried & grounded into powder. Eggshells consist of calcium carbonate (94%), magnesium carbonate (1%), calcium phosphate (1%) & organic matter (4%).
12. Brown rice (every week)
13. Tri-colour quinoa (every week)
12. One tablespoon garlic (every week)

Nothing beats home-cooked food. At least we know what’s in the food and have a peace of mind.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


 Chicken fillet, pumpkin, pork liver, spinach, brown rice & quinoa

Cleaned & dried eggshells ready to be grounded







2 responses to “Dogfood recipe (Cassandra Yee’s)”

  1. Isaac Teoh

    be careful bout garlic; is in the onion family. may toxic to the dog and cat.

    Brown rice got more silica than white rice… becareful of silica stone.

  2. Huey

    Garlic in small amount is actually natural de-wormer and tick repellent for dogs and cats. Generally for a dog 20kg and above, half a clove a day should do just fine. Cats might be more sensitive to it so probably half a clove for the whole gang?

    There was a period of time when I got lazy and didn’t include garlic in my dogs’ diet. They got ticks regularly and I had to pick them out and groom them daily for 1-2 weeks + spraying them with eucalyptus oil + water mix before everything cleared out (I prefer no chemical if possible). After I added garlic back to their diet, they seldom get ticks anymore – probably 3-4 ticks a month? I consider that superb since they are outdoor dogs and they go out for walks almost everyday. 🙂