My home-cooked meal for Bobby and the cats

I thought I should try my hands at home-cooking for Bobby and the cats now that we have read so much literature on it, and many have shared their time-tested recipes.

This is what I used for today:

Chicken carcass
Chicken liver
Some mutton and beef that a friend gave me (from her catfood)
Chicken breastmeat with skin

Potato (small amounts)

 The meat stuff.

 Veggies to be added in later.

I remember Dr Susanna saying it’s 95% protein and 5% veggies for cats. Dogs would need more veggies as they are omnivores.

By the time my stew was ready, we had to go out to attend to matters of the new house, so I did not have time to blend it yet. And by the time we came home, the cats were too hungry so I fed them canned food first.

However, Bobby and Pole were late, as usual, so I managed to feed them some (without blending). Bobby and Pole ate it up, but Pole didn’t want to neat. She wanted it mixed with some canned food. But hey, the fact that she ate it is GOOD ENOUGH for me, bearing in mind for finicky my whole brood is.

And of course someone else ate it too – Tabs. Good little Tabs!

 I’m going to blend it soon, and am wondering if I should add eggshells….

 Here’s Pole eating up my home-cooked food.


Tomorrow would be the real test when I feed the rest of them.

Wish me luck!

But even if they don’t like it, Bobby will eat it up!

And Tabs, too.







2 responses to “My home-cooked meal for Bobby and the cats”

  1. pooi ling

    I usually steam fish, either kembong or cencaru over the weekend, deboned them to feed my cats. For my dogs, its chicken breasts without skin, mixed with carrot, brocolli and olive oil.

  2. Jessy Lian

    I used to give chicken breast meat in the morning, cooked (in water) kembong or sardine fish as dinner for my 4 kittens & 1 cat back in 2008. Me & my parents will check the newspaper everyday to see if there is any fish on offer in the hypermarkets. We once broke the record of buying a total of 17KG of kembong fish from Pudu market. The vendor asked:”You jual asam-laksa ke?”, I felt embarrass to tell him the truth, so I just smile & answered YES! LOL 😀

    That lasted less than 2 yrs, until they get bored & decided to eat kibbles instead.