Vegetarian stew for dummies

Being one who is just so lazy to cook, but now am forced (albeit very willingly) to make home-cooked food for Bobby and the cats, I thought it would only be fair that I cook for the humans as well!

Here’s today recipe for a simple dump-everything-in-and-boil vegetarian stew which we had as our Christmas lunch this afternoon.

Let’s see now…I put onions, potatoes, carrots and hairy cucumber in to boil first. The hairy cucumber didn’t quite blend in later, so don’t include that.

 The pumpkin and capsicum went in later as they cook very fast.

I added liquid aminos, molasses and organic veggie seasoning for taste.

 The tomato will be put has garnishing to the stew.

The broccoli is a separate dish. Just lightly boil.

 Here’s the vegetarian stew. I added English parsley, too.

 And the boiled broccoli.

We ate it with millet and brown rice.

That’s it, folks!