And at breakfast this morning…

In my quest to change so many of the not-so-good habits of my cats (due to my own ignorance, lack of commitment and persistence in the past years), I remind myself that even Dr Susanna took 3 years to convert her most challenging cat from kibble to home-cooked.

So, whatever “achievement” I can get in less than 3 years is a cause for celebration already.

Armed with that “consolation”, I plod on…

So, it’s only been barely a week of introducing so many changes, especially in the area of food, and I’ve already got all 6 of my adult cats willingly eating the better branded canned foods (Hooray!). They have stopped asking for kibble or Fussie Cat.

And last night, I was completely but pleasantly surprised that they actually ate the home-cooked meal I prepared for them.

So, this morning came the acid test, so to speak.

Did they still want my home-cooked food?

At first sniff….NO.

Nobody wanted it!

Oh, that’s alright. Now, that sounds more REAL, honestly. Before this, I thought I was dreaming or living some fairytale.

So, I mixed the home-cooked (which I’d already mixed with the new supplement Natural Pet Once-Daily Super Multi with Glucosamine powder) with some Natural Balance canned food.

Slowly, but surely, they ate it…

 This is the supplement.

It comes in a box of 30 satchets and for my brood, it’s half a sachet per day. It is retailed at RM65.90. There is also one for optimal fur. I bought this because Bobby is arthritic and the vet says maybe Bunny is, too. Obesity can lead to arthritis, I think, so I’d better do something about my obese cats.

Pole was the first to be served the home-cooked this morning, she turned her nose up. Before I could give her the mixed food (with the canned food), a fight can ensued (initiated by Pole) and she had already run away.

As you can see from the photo above, Tiger isn’t interested. Tiger is about the most persistent cat I have. He is known to sit and stare for hours without making a sound when he wants something. Last time, it was for all the ikan bilis (anchovies) treat my husband would bring back for him. Talk about having patience, Tiger tops the list.

So, Tiger sat and looked.

And looked.

No, Tiger, I’m only giving you this…please eat it.

He finally ate it since his stomach was probably more insistent than his mind for today. And I’m glad!

Cow and Bunny ate it up, but not completely.

I could almost hear them say, “Hey Mum, we’ve been humouring you for so many days now, give us a break, will you?”

Of course Tabs ate up her giant share in her own cage (she was wreaking havoc in the house and to herself yesterday, so we caged her for the night). This morning, she had pulled down the whole big towel, flipped her water bowl and messed up her cat-sand. Well, that’s what most kittens do, anyway.

In the photo above, Tabs is polishing up Bobby’s left-overs. She later polished up everybody’s food bowl.

Indy came back later and refused to eat the home-cooked food. I mixed it with his AD but it was still a “no”. Later on, he ate it up. Yay!

Now, only Cleo and Pole left…

 Surprisingly, Cleo ate her share!

Wow…this is totally unexpected. Now, one more to go – Pole. I’d have to wait for her to make another entrance. Hopefully, she’d be hungry enough by then, as long as she doesn’t go to the neighbour’s to eat their kibbles.

 Indy back to his running-water-drinking habit.

 Tabs going crazy over Ultraman.

And here’s the best news EVER!

Yesterday, I placed two small boxes of cat-sand in the sun for the purpose of refreshing them. It’s for Tabs as she is the only one who knows how to use the litter-box.

Guess what we saw this morning?

 That’s TIGER perching on and urinating in one of the small litter boxes!

YAY! Now, this calls for a REAL celebration!






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  1. Alicia

    Compared to his name, Tiger loves all things small doesn’t he?

  2. Tiger is super cute!!!!!