On the homefront

I think (fingers crossed) that Bunny’s worst is over or his body has sorted itself out and we still don’t know what was wrong with him for the last two weeks. The vet said to let it be as long as his fever isn’t too high and he is still eating (which he definitely was!). Throughout this period, I gave him Vetri DMG twice a day and Neurobion as well because he was limping on the back leg. The vet said it could be arthritis.

Well, today, Bunny seemed much, much better. Not only did he come down for breakfast on his own, he also came back many times asking for food. Now, that’s more like the Bunny we all know.

 Bunny eating a mid-morning snack.

There was some problem with Pole, though. If you remember, this morning, she picked a fight with Tiger during breakfast, so I scolded her and off she scooted away without eating. She never came back after that.

By 10am, I went out to look for her, and called her at every house that she frequents. There as no Pole. I went out again an hour later and there was still no sight of Pole.

I knew she must be sulking somewhere because I scolded her earlier, so I asked my husband to go look for her.

Within minutes, I heard the gate open and there was Pole. Gosh, cats and their hypersensitivity!

 Here’s Pole eating my home-cooked food. All of it, too.

 Tiger and Tabs asking for food each time someone else ate.

 Bunny eating grass.

Some say it’s to make themselves vomit so that they get rid of whatever toxins that’s in the stomach. Some say it’s they eating the medicinal herbs that they need. Some say they are juicing!

We’ll never really know, would we? Unless we hear it straight from a cat!

Er…hello Mr Cat, may I be so bold as to enquire why you are eating grass?


Grass? We cats call it “chewing gum” and we do it for fun.

P.S. Please disregard the three lines above!






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