A friend has just alerted me to the fact that a magazine has published an interview with me. In his words, it was my name (albeit spelt wrongly on the Contents page), my story, but the photo isn’t me.

That’s strange because the magazine that interviewed me previously said the article would be sent to me for vetting first, and it would only come out in the January issue.

No article was sent to me for vetting, so I’m really surprised it’s already been published. I’m a little phobic about being misquoted in any way because that has happened before in the past and that is the only reason I asked to be allowed to read the article first.  Sometimes, it may not necessarily be the fault of the writer, but mine, if I had not made myself clear enough in the interview. Misinterpretation can happen, and it is purely unintentional, I know.

If it’s the same magazine that interviewed me, then the only reason why the photo isn’t me is because being a glamour magazine, they brought their make-up artist and hair-stylist and said that it was compulsory that all photos that appear on their magazine must look “made-up”. They even chose what I should wear, from amongst all that I had in my very limited wardrobe. Pink, they said. So I took out all my pink tops and they chose the one I’d hope they wouldn’t choose ‘coz that’s the most uncomfortable one (which I was about to give away!).

You know, I’ve only been “made-up” perhaps less than 5 times in my entire life and that was only by photographers for the purpose of taking “official photos” (one wedding and three graduations).

That would explain why the photo “isn’t me”!

For the sake of the animals and telling the story of AnimalCare, I agreed to their criteria.

It was still a good experience. But a radio interview is a LOT easier than posing for photographs!

But my name being spelt wrongly – oh well, it happens very often, but not as often as being pronounced wrongly – it’s pronounced “Yin”, but spelt “Yein” – so who can blame anyone for getting it wrong…!

Now, I’m curious what was written in the article. If any of you have read it, please let me know. I’m praying I have not been misquoted in any way, though I’m sure it would have been unintentional, if any.

I’d prefer a radio interview any day ‘coz then, I can be responsible for everything that I say, goof-up or no goof-up!

This is also the reason I don’t give press statements. Done that before, and got misquoted. Sigh…NO more!

I hope the facts reported in this article are accurate and ultimately, I hope it creates a bigger community of rescuers, feeders and CNRM-ers.

Updates – A friend just scanned it for me. But I’m really more interested in reading what is reported!

Somehow, whenever it comes to photos of me, it always ends up as me with Indy!

They took me with Cow, with Bobby and with Tiger, etc., but lookie…it’s Indy that would get published.

Indy is in a glamour magazine now…previously, Indy appeared in The Star as well!

Updates at 11pm – a friend has just scanned me the write-up. Mostly accurate except the parts about my profession (I opt for fewer hours with a lower pay because I need the afternoons to run AnimalCare) and the sidebar about CNRM. We don’t guarantee rehoming of animals and we don’t return to the colony – that’s the sole decision of the rescuer. We only help publicise and help with advice.

I hope readers will write in if they require help and I can further clarify the above facts.

Meanwhile, thank you, Her World, for the publicity and doing this feature on my work. I am deeply honoured and humbled by it. Thank you for the experience, too. It was fun while it lasted and it is definitely not something I see myself doing every day (it’s too much work)!

After having been through just this one session, it makes me appreciate how much work goes on in producing a magazine like this and how far-reaching the written word can be, how photographs make a difference as it tugs at the heart, and how much care is taken to ensure enough photos are taken so that the best can be chosen. For all this, I thank Her World and her team for doing so.

Believe me, blogging is nothing compared to this!  It is definitely so much easier. Write, post photos, click Update, job done.

I hope readers of the magazine will start helping the animals on their streets and neighbourhood.

Thank you, Her World.






5 responses to “Gosh…”

  1. Sakinah Aljunid

    Dear Dr Chan,

    My sincerest apologies for having disappointed you with our magazine article. Nevertheless, I hope the article would serve its purpose which is to help garner the right kind of publicity to further the community cause. It is not my intention to change your looks nor name and I apologise profusely for that.

    Sincerely, Sakinah Aljunid
    Editor, Her World magazine

    1. chankahyein

      Hi Sakinah,
      I’m not disappointed and it’s okay about the typo on my name, but all I asked earlier on was that I be allowed to read it before it’s published just in case there are unintended factual errors. The writer agreed that I would be allowed to read it first but I did not receive any draft copy. I’ve just read it from a scanned copy and there are two parts which I would have preferred to be written differently. One is about my profession as I wouldn’t want my college to misunderstand that I’m short-changing them, which I am not; and the other is what is contained in the sidebar about CNRM. The part about rehoming and returning is not accurate. AnimalCare does not rehome or return. We just publicise for adopters and cannot guarantee finding one. The prerogative to rehome or return an animal to its colony is entirely the rescuer’s and not ours. I hope people who have read the article and are now interested to practise CNRM will write to me for clarification so that I can explain our function more clearly.
      All said, I wish to thank you very much for giving AnimalCare the publicity. Apart from the above, the rest are accurate, so that’s really a very commendable effort. It is an honour to be featured in your magazine, so I must thank you for the opportunity.
      The photos are really nice and the experience was great. I’m not complaining, no worries, just sharing the experience with the readers as not wearing make-up is one of my personal statements against animal-testing used in the cosmetic industry. I owe it to my readers to explain this to them!
      Thank you once again.


    2. You can always tell an expert! Thanks for ctonrbiutnig.

  2. Joy E. Saga

    Hi Kah Yein!

    You truly look different with make up. Wouldn’t have recognised you if not for the same arresting smile 🙂

    And Indy looks absolutely handsome, though a bit annoyed hehehehe

    1. chankahyein

      Ha ha…it was quite uncomfortable with all that make-up on, not used to it at all. But the experience was fun and definitely worth it.