Rescued dog in Cheras, in need of fosterer (urgent) (Vicneswary Anthony)

Vicneswary Anthony called me today regarding her rescued dog from Cheras. She has already sent the dog for treatment and the dog is due to be discharged today. However, Vicnes only rents a room and she needs a fosterer urgently for the dog. Please help if you can.

We have pledged our medical subsidy for Vicneswary to help with the bill.

More urgently, Vicnes needs a fosterer.

I will be lending my cage to Vicnes should she need it temporarily for the dog, Viva.

Here’s Vicnes’ story:

As per conversation just now, Please help me to put this case on your blog.

Last Thursday about 6.30pm, I was driving along Jalan Cheras heading to Taman Len Seng. It was bck to bck jam. As I were driving slowly, I notice a dog was sleeping on the divider in between busy road (opposite Viva Home ). I came bck to office and posted on Facebook. Jessie Lian contacted me that she also saw him there but we both were helpless. Later that night another person gave the contact number of this guy by the name of Captain Bala saying that he might be able to help us. we went bck to the site at 11pm and he was still sleeping there. The rescue came and we managed to save him. But he was limping and many fresh wounds on his body. Looks like he has not been eating for several day as I can see he’s skinny and could see his ribs.

The next day, we took him to vet in Bandar Kinrara. he x-ray’ed and say the dog’s hip bones were dislocated and his back leg is fractured. He said we have to a surgery to remove a part on his his hip bones to ease the pain. Surgery was done on Sunday and he’s still boarded in the clinic. Ealier, he was so much aggressive and according to the vet he’s much friendly now. We have named him ‘Viva’.

I’m just staying at a rented room here in KL. I might not be able to keep this dog with me. The vet said he has to be in cage for atleast 1month before the surgery wounds heals.

The estimataion for the surgery was bout RM600. I would need your help to publish my situation on your blog so that anyone would be able to foster/adopt him and also to subsidise on the medical

Vicneswary Anthony